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Hey there Growmies!
I’m starting my new grow and rebuilding my system from the ground up. I have no idea what I’m doing, so I’m just making it up as i go.

My stuff:
17 gallon reservoir
5 gallon buckets (3)
42 gallon chiller
Air stones
(2) 6-inch exhaust fans
8x10 grow room in basement
Oscillating fans
Ph pen
TDS pen

Canna nutrients -
Aqua Vega
Aqua Flores
Cal mag
Canna supplements for root root, shock, and bloom.

(10) SF-1000 lights built into two fixtures with 5 lights each.
(2) fairly decent blurples that i have.
1400 watts total light.

I’m rebuilding the buckets and the lights. So, it will be a few days before i drop seeds. Just waiting for Amazon to actually deliver my stuff.

Starting with the buckets. I’m thinking of using spreadsheets into the root zone instead of top dripping. The water level will be about 1.5 inches above the water level and the sprayer will be about halfway between the water and the top. I plan to have two sprayers per bucket.

Is anyone else doing it this way?
Will this work?
Should i just do the top drip?

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Typically, smaller containers necessitate larger drains, usually 2-3" in size from the builds I’ve seen. I’ve had 1" plug up in RDWC’s before.


Sorry dude, I’m soil and coco only, the only thing I recognize in your hydro setup are the same buckets of cat litter I use, lol.


I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, gonna be a wild setup! I would paint those buckets black. No light at all. Even hvac tape would work, thats what I use to use many many moons ago.

One thing I did notice, you didn’t mention anything like hydroguard. Also, with dwc make sure cleanliness is a priority, change res every 7-10 days, don’t let ppm get up past the 850-900 mark.

Please please keep me updated! Excited to see a grow of this size!


I’m going to have a pipe coming up to 1.5 inches below the net pot. That will be the drain.

You grow great stuff! and I’ve already learned from you.

Thanks, they will be wrapped and sealed with bubble wrap insulation.

Canna nutrients has Cannazym, Cannaboost, Rhizotonic, and PK13/14. They are for shock, rot root, bloom boosters.
It’s a RDWC system.


Not familiar with canna, good to know!

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They are supposed to be really good. They are kind of expensive though.
I’ve been growing in Coco using their products for a couple years.


If you have ran coco for years you won’t have much trouble. Treat them the same.

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Thanks. My last grow was started in coco and morphed into a hybrid hydro type… Dutch Buckets! I had an unexpectedly huge harvest out of my 4 plants.
I’m downsizing to 3 plants. I know the size I want them and the last grow was the first one in this grow room.
I just don’t know how to get started… lol… how do I transplant the seeds that are in coco in a solo cup into the 6 inch net pot with the stone balls?

Hydroton pebbles? That I don’t know… never done that before…

When I meant by treat them the same is.
Manage ppm upswings and ph upswings. Same happens for all soilless mediums.


Yes those… lol… how do you start your seeds? Or do you run clones? I guess it would be the same as clones… how do you do that?

Yes, I understand. I’m retired and spend many hours a day with my plants. I’m always watching…


Usually a small block of rockwool, or some other rooting plug is used (instead of loose coco) to germinate the seed in, then just planted directly into the hydroton, either well rooted first, or straight from a seed. I did these with DWC though. If you’re going to do it aeroponically, you’ll have to make accommodations with spray nozzles, longer roots, etc.

This one I started right from seed. Gives the strongest root anchor imho.

This one I rooted first, then transplanted like a clone (little one on the right).


I like your setup…only thing I would do differently, since you are downsizing to 3 plants, I would go with bigger buckets, ie. 27 gal. totes…the rootball is going to FILL your bucket…especially if you run it a couple extra weeks on veg cycle to get the growth that you can get with your setup.a nd utilizing all your lights…just a thought…I am sure what you have there will work…as far as transplanting, how big are the plants now? Couple ways to go, you can soak the coco off of the roots and straight imto wet hydrotone, or if the solo cup is full of roots just transplant as normal into wet hydr otone…you will find it works fine that way …if the plants are big enough I would probably rinse the roots ,removing any loose media and right into the hydroton on a running system…I have found this step is easier tha it seems it will be…I am sure you will make the right choices…have confidence…you do good work, this will be the same…Happy Growing


When I did dwc It was clones in rockwool. It’s been many many years, I’m sure @Bubbala would be better at helping you.


That’s more of an Aeroponic set Growmie and I run 1 and sometime 2 of those in totes :love_you_gesture:


Question for you, OG. I am hydro illiterate. What is the difference btw hydro and aeroponic setups?


Both considered Hydro Brother, just different delivery methods. There’s high and low pressure aeroponic systems. I opted for the low pressure style for the simplicity. High pressure delivers finer micron droplets but require much higher pressure and a pressure tank in between the pump and spray nozzle that holds pressure at all times for the delivery with a back flow device. Main benefit is a chiller isn’t needed since the roots are not submerged in the nutrient solution :love_you_gesture:


morning @Bamarayne there are sooooo many different ways to grow hydroponically…I grow in the most basic setup with rockwool and have good results… @OGIncognito mentions how his aeroponic setup works in his grow room…each has its plus/minus in the growing but all will produce if done correctly…good luck in your new growing adventure


Nice DIY set up Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Thanks y’all.
So, I think I want the system where the roots are actually submerged in the nutrient solution. Would top feeding be a better option? That’s what I did last grow using coco as the medium in 5 gallon cloth bags…