I don't know what to do

Hey guys yous all know i am growing a XL kush auto and a blue widow photoperiod and i flipped the photo to flower its been about a week and still no pistols so what i was thinking about doing is changing the light cycle back to a 18/6 cycle due to theres no sign pistols yet on the photo so im thinking it maybe to young yet .So give me ur opinion on this problem should i change the light cycle back to 18/6 or leave it on the 12/12

Id leave 12/12


Hey thanks for ur opinion i really appreciate it see i normally grow autos so im getting impatient with the photoperiod i will see what other members have to say but i think i may leave it yet

It can take up to 2 weeks for a photo to show signs of flower after flipping to 12/12. How old is the plant do you have any pics?


This is the plant in question i think its about five to six weeks old


It just hasnt started yet itll be ok

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I just have thoughts going through my head i should let it veg more until the auto has one week to go and then flip or wait untill the auto is fully done flowering and then flip it or i just leave it on the 12/12

Less stress on the plant leaving it at 12/12 than it is flipping it back and forth

It should be ok either way though

Well thats i think because it hasnt started to show sex yet so it should be right to go back ro a 18/6

Indicates mature enough to flower - i.e. early preflower

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If you let your plants sexually mature before you flip you can expect hedgehogs within a few days to a week. If your plant is not sexually mature, the light flip will cause her to become mature, but will prolly be about 2 weeks before you see hedgehogs. I wait til I see the pistils at the future bud sites, make sure my canopy is where I want it and flip at that point.

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Just leave it 12/12, it will stretch out a bit more than flowers will start to show up.
So just wait mate

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Ok i will take some close ups at the nodes so u can see for ur self and i appreciate your opinion and input ro @beardless im clueless when it comes to photos

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Good morning I was wondering if I send u a picture of my plant can u tell me if it’s ready for harvest it’s my first time growing

My name is junior

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I think you should be able to see the same structures on an auto before they go to flower.

I just flipped mine to 12/12and it been about a week and shes just now showing her pubes…

I’ve always done photos in green and it usually takes about a week for you to notice little hairs if you do a 12/12 light cycle. I have a Blue Dream going right now in my back planter box that I’ve been letting nature take it’s course and I’m about 4 weeks in. It’s been about 60s at night and hopefully it should show some color this time of round.

Welcome to the neighborhood :blush:. I think you have a few more weeks to go. How long has she been in flower? :blush::v:

This is a pic of a node

She has been in flower a week now