I don't know what I'm doing wrong here and I need some help


People have been so helpful to me in the past so I’m here again for some help. I’ve planted and harvested six times by now and I don’t understand whey the last two times have not worked out.

I have had trouble with my last two crops with seed germination.

This is what I used to do:

I’d put the seeds into damp dark paper towels until their ‘tails’ sprouted and then put them in the soil.
Then I would put the containers about 6 inches from the single flourescent lite over my workbench in my garage, leaving the light on 24 hours a day. After a few days, the plant would bloom and after a few more days I would transplant the baby plant into a pot and put it in my grow tent with the lights set to configuration of 16 hours on and 8 hours off.

So this worked the first four times until the light over my workbench broke. So i thought, simple, Ill put the seeds in the grow tent - I;ve done this twice and the first time I only got a a few plants out of the many seeds i planted and the second time, I got one plant from 12 planted seeds.

Here is a pic of the set up in the grow tent - is it too many lights? too strong? I’m not even a hundred percent sure it’s the change form the workbench to the grow tent but that’s the only difference i can think of.

I water the seeded pots twice a day and I’m still not sure if I’m giving them too much or not enough.

This last crop, the seeds looked like they died instead of growing - some opened and nothing came out and the seed like withered away.

Gak! Help!

I’m pretty new here…
Fill out a support ticket so others with more experience can assist you.
My .02¢…
I water my seedlings maybe once or twice after sprouting…they are in my cups about 7-10 days…

Good Growing

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What’s your temperature? Seeds like warm and dark until a tail pops. Try to get the soil temp around 80*f


how often do you water them before they sprout ( i mean after you put them in the pots after they sprout their tail) ((thanks for getting back))

the tail popping doesnt seem to be the trouble - i put the seeds between two moist paper towels and after a few days they pop - i wait till the tail is bigger and then put it in the dirt - that’s where i’m having the problem. They are not sprouting from the dirt.
(thanks for replying)

You wanna keep the dirt moist not wet. I use a dome from a cut plastic bottle. Only mist the inside of the dome and keep it on them til 2nd or third leafs pop out. The don’t really need watered as the leaves do most of the drinking the first few days from humidity in the air. But yeah your soil looks a little on the dry side.

An example
See sweat inside dome

Moist but not soaking wet or they’ll drown

And keep the temp around 79-80


Pots do look dry, perhaps your heat mat is causing them to dry out quickly ?

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Well said and exactly what I do as well.

What kind of dirt? I always start in a nutrient-free media like coco. If you use distilled or R/O water you don’t have to worry about PH.


I wait at least 4-5 days before watering and then in circle around the lip of cup so as not to drown the babies…


thanks for the tip

i’ll look into that - thanks

i didnt have them on but they do look dry