Hydroponics v/s outdoor growing

can you tell the difference between the hydro v/s homegrown the way it looks?and is the high any different ?

Not a whole lot of diff. except you have a better yield growing outside.

EEHNNnt! wrong answer.

Hydro is a process through which we grow plants without soil.

Outdoors is growing plants outdoors. You can grow plants outdoors and use a hydro system :smile:
Do not get caught up in street slang for dope, when attributing it to grow Marijuana.

Hydro is a style of growing; AS is, Soil Growing. Either can be done inside or outside. I look forward elaborating further if necessary. Peace.lw

To be honest hydro is definitely "higher maintenance than soil. Being new to growing MJ indoors and absolutely new to hydro I found out the hard ( and have the dead plants to prove it) there are 2 BIG TIME* areas of highly time sensitive attention associated with hydro. First is conditions in the tent/growing area. The parameters here are not guidelines. Enclosure temp, reservoir temp, Ph and Relative Humidity ranges actually can make the difference green plants tonight and brown plants in the morning. Without the natural “buffering” soil provides plant problems can definitely change fast and furious with little to no warning or “fudge factor”. Of course, so long as you keep the water level below the plant stem itself over watering is out. But there are definitely diseases indigenous to hydro that are all too capable of being gone today and here tomorrow. Second, is possible errors in nutrients and any additives. Because of the direct uptake from the reservoir solution these type problems can very nearly come on and advance as you watch. Yes, the yields from hydro as big and fast but there is a learning curve as well.

The experience based advice I would offer is this.Read the Grow Bible and be VERY SURE you have optimal “growing conditions” locked in before hand and don’t just throw expensive seedlings in a bucket full of water. Learn all the neat need to knows: TDS, EC, PPM, and how to raise and lower Ph. Buy and use GOOD nutrients, distilled or RO water, and the same with measuring devices. Remember here too that cooler and stable is better where reservoir temp is concerned. I’m using LED lights and still had problems so growers using high temp growing lights have a much higher chance of getting “hot” quickly.

Hopefully this will help somewhat even if I’m not an old hand at growing.

Keep on toking!

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Maybe I didn’t explain myself. I know the difference, I want to know can you SEE the difference between the two different grows. Eg. Can you tell the difference between say the WW strain grown hydro v/s WW grown outside in dirt, and is the high different?