Hydro VS Soil Grow

I was just in a different topic and they where talking about hydro. Hydro is like latin to me, can’t read it, don’t know why I should learn it. What are the pro’s and cons on hydro growing vs good old soil growing.

I’m no expert, but here’s what I think anyway…

I am going to try both. First I’m doing soil, then I’ll slowly put together the stuff I need for hydro.

The differences to me, Hydro takes more equipment. Soil you just need good soil, good nutes, and something big enough to put the plant in. (Yes, I’m over simplifying.)

Hydro you need to know more about the chemical content of everything you feed the plant. Soil you need to know the PH of the soil and the NPK values of the fertilizer.

Hydro is for bigger grows because you can do so much automatically.

Hydro is more complicated but can give you more yield.

Hydro is less forgiving, so if you like the ease of plant and forget, Hydro is not the way to go.

Hope this helps. I’m not an expert in either field. I’ve grown outdoors for years and am now playing with indoors stuff.