Thinking about going hydro

Ive been kicking around going soiless and i have a few questions:

My setup… veg room 5x5ish. Plants veg here til im ready for flower. I keep mothers in there as well.
Flower tent, 48x96. Plants go here, tent always a 12.12. Various stages of flower sometimes but usually pretty close together.

Also have a recent cloning station ive set up, not had alot of luck there yet.

Q1. With my setup how hard is it going to be to move from veg rm to flower tent?

Q2. Will yeild and quality be an issue? Ive smoked lots of hydro weed but im real happy with my soil grow flavor and quality.

Q3. Is yeild/effort/investment worth it? Whats the reason to change?

I dont understand what you mean by this

Going to hydro from soil will be night and day difference if your environment is dialed in. Taste and smoke is all about the cure in my opinion. I grow in coco and my flower tastes great.

The main reason to change to a hydro style grow is because indoors, under high powered LEDs, your running a high performance garden. Soil cant keep up with plant demands like dwc or coco can. Sure people grow good bud in soil, but when comparing the two together its night and day. Inside coco will always rule


Q1… i veg in a room and move to tent when its time to flower. Will it be difficult to do this? Just move net pot? Move entire bucket? Or must i grow and flower same location?

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Move entire bucket would be my completely unhydroponic experiences​:man_shrugging:t3: Eg, I can’t really help ya but am baked so :call_me_hand:t3::grin::popcorn:

I’ve done both, now I use perlite, my own hydroponic formula, and a dash of silica every now and then.

Getting any hydro garden tuned in is the hardest part, once it’s running stable an vigorous, it’s only a matter of repeating the process.

Hydro is unforgiving to anyone that’s lazy or forgetful. It needs constant care and adjustments in pH and PPM.

Hydro even works better outdoors, I grow tomatoes with hydro and they also outproduce soil.

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Well my hydro system is low maintenance and needs hardly any adjustments. But, I do have a ton of equipment for changing environment, heater, a c , humidifier, dehumidifier, water chiller, etc. All used at different times of grow and times of year depending on outside weather.

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That’s what I’m talking about, the entire operation, timers, air pumps, water pumps, ac, lighting, all burn out when they decide, sometimes a string of failures, leaving us the task of maintenance on a moment’s notice! I even walk around periodically temperature testing all the wiring, sockets, and plugs, it’s a plethora of duties not associated with outdoors.

I’m not saying outdoors doesn’t have it’s own battle plan against all the creatures and the mother of all bitches, Mother Nature!
Fk’ outside, I like being sheltered behind reinforced concrete! If the bitch gets through that, I’m done anyway!


LoL @Shatter I guess it is a bit more than I make it to be. I actually have 3 fire extinguishers as well just in case hahaha.
And I ran new electric circuits to system because I dont trust what’s in walls at a old mobile home.

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I have a veg room and flower room. I grow in 27gal totes. I just take the lid off, with the plants, and move to flower room.




The one in soil is actually 4 days older

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I can’t stress safety enough, sorry just isn’t acceptable, I have a number of fire extinguishers throughout the property, and an old self priming portable fire pump with hoses and pipes I have yet to hook up but acquired all the necessary hardware, I have a natural sump in the stream that runs through the property.
In my basement I have a garden hose reel that reaches throughout the interior of the house. My fire extinguishers have saved me from 2 gasoline fires started by sparks from welding, they also saved the vehicles that were burning from both fires, only had light smoke damage from the one that happened inside the garage.
I wouldn’t feel comfortable but for my extreme fire awareness and safety measures

I’m fire’s nemesis! I don’t like being surrounded by ashes!

P.S. I used one of those totes for a reservoir too! I see you didn’t like the yellow lid, either!

Ha ha, small world when you do your shopping at Wal-Mart!