Thinking about moving to hydro

My initial thought was a DWC based off 5 gallon buckets. I run only 4 plants max and my grow light coverage area is only 3x3 in a 4x6 closet. I’ve even considered those ready made kits as currently with inflation I’m not sure DYI would be cheaper for my scale and needs.

Part of the 5 gallon bucket vs tote thinking is I would like move plants between veg and flower areas. Is my thinking wrong that it be easier to move the whole buckets?

At this point just gathering my thoughts and looking for experienced input. Open to any and all suggestions. I’ve had pretty good results using a coco based soil just think I would be happier with hydro, less guessing and less work to me.


Im thinking youre space and lighting is limited for 4 plant grow. I would stick to one and with dwc and proper plant training you will get better results. @HappyHydroGrower can probably help


That is only flower space. I veg in another location and do perpetual grows.

With soil I get good yields, well I think they’re good about ~360g a room harvest about every 9-10 weeks currently. With soil I didn’t notice a difference by harvest, going between 1 single room vs veg room.


Nice, i have finally been able to get to the point of a harvest about every 4 weeks. Other than finding your thread interesting i wont be much help, sorry I see folks movin their plants from veg to flower rooms and no matter the explanation other than having b spec tight and r spec lights it doesnt make sense to me. Seeme so much less work to just change light schedule.

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Hey brother, welcome back. If hydro is what you want to do, there are multiple ways to achieve your expectations.

What is you goal? Or, how much do you need to flower at one time to get as much do you want off one plant if you don’t mind me asking?

3x3 can get you a lb easily but, I would not do it with more than one plant in a dwc or an rdwc system.

Maybe you want several small plants. Maybe a different hydro system like an auto pot system will work better for you.

Maybe you want an ebb and flow so you can run a tray of clones with several stains all at once. So many decisions.

I would not recommend 5 gal buckets at all. JMO. Large tote would be a less complicated choice.

Lot of folks here to help you figure it out if you don’t already know. Let us know what you’d like and maybe we can help. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Thanks brother! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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So my goal is a hydro system that I can easily move plants from a veg area to a flower area. It needs to be able to support up to 4 plants in either room. Both rooms\location would be separate units. The focus is the flowering room.

Size 4x6
Light coverage 4x4 (3x3) current light, will likely switch to large coverage area light soon.
Additional info, the room shares a wall a laundry room so easy access to plumbing

Just looking to move away from soil for weed I find hydro much simpler and cheaper long term operating cost. I already use Jack’s 321.

In prohibition times I used a DYI hydro. It was DWC with drip and reservoir which was great for a start to finish unit.

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Sounds like you’ve got a good grasp on what you want. If a portable dwc is what you want, a large cooler with a several grow sites on a piece of wood that’s sitting on casters. You can also attach a scrog to the top of the cooler should you want to scrog.

The problem with 5 gal buckets are, there’s just not enough water to keep a stable environment for the roots. It can be done, but you’ll work for it IMO.

I have a rdwc system in a 5’x10’ room (5’x3’ veg/flower area) with two totes to grow in and have all my stuff on caster with cutoff valves and quick coupling should I ever want to move them. It works.

The more water you have in whatever system you have, the easier it is to maintain a healthy root environment.

I’m sure you figure something out. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Everything has to pass through a small half bath, it’s literally a sink and toilet nearly touching with two doors so anything much bigger than say a current 5 gal pot is going to be bigger than I want to deal with physical size. Depending on the width it’s not going to be rolling. This is old rancher style there is nothing open about the floor plan.

I don’t want more than one plant per container I guess I could use dividers but harvest are staggered by plant.

Why not just a larger reservoir that doesn’t need to move? It need not even be in the same room really. Also how big volume for the plant container, that would give me a better idea. I don’t mind the plants sharing water but I rather the roots not being touching other plants, different harvest times.

I’m humming along with soil, so this really is about making it easier for myself down the road.