Planning a hydro system, need input

Before I decide what type of hydro system I want, my question is:

Will scrogging a plant produce a higher yield than letting that plant grow straight up un-topped and untrained?


yes yes yes:v:


I ask this in part because of your impressive grows HC! Pretty awesome!

The follow up question would be:

How much time, if any, does training a plant slow it down?


not much from seed to 12/12 in 48 days for me

I see you have three plants and I’m guessing that’s a four by four which is what I’m planning on using for my flower chamber.

I’m thinking that I want to go with 3, 3 gallon bubblers (DWC) to try scrogging, this is a new set-up for me but I don’t see any drawbacks to it, any thoughts on this?

My first thought was to try five (positioned like the five on a dice) but seeing what you’re doing with 3 I have to think 5 would be crowding and likely counterproductive in a 4x4×7, under a 600?


Thanks for the input, I’m deciding between three and four and I’m going to look at those GH units at a local grow store this week.

I’m used to to growing a lot of plants very close and as quickly as possible so this is totally new for me and I definitely appreciate the input

I think HC uses a 3x2, I have a 4x4 and we’re going to scrog but as I only have access through the front pruning the rear plants would be difficult, unless I propped the pots up to give more room below but even then it would be difficult. For a 4x4 I would def go with 4 or 5 plants. It’s been a few months, did you go with hydro?

Hey! I think this is an old thread I don’t even know what its about

I did Hydro for a decade mostly flood tables and some passive, soil is what’s new for me LOL I’m loving it I’m staying right here and I’m staying with Fox Farms OF I’m loving it

I’m doing new things each gro I just put in mycorazzsomething, add new things trying different things I’m just getting my hand back and I’m having a hell of a good time at it right now :slight_smile: … thanks anyway Vic I appreciate

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