Hydrobucket with Bergmans plant food unsure Newbie question

Hi everyone,

First time grow period. I am a fairly decent gardener but yeah… no experience with Hydroponics. What I have for my grow:

Mars Hydro 2x2 tent, fans, and the sp 150 140wt Mars Hydro light.
Using a Hydrobucket and have the air stone and pumps.
Super Lemon Haze feminized

I have one seed in the hydroseed plug thing… keeping it wet and under a constant low watt plant light. Leaving it under light 24hr a day. its 9 days old and now about half an inch tall with 2 iconic leaves! Water is PH 5.8 and its well water. I’ve given her no nutrients.

I’ll up some pics tomorrow

Question 1 - is it okay for constant light at this stage? I read somewhere that its okay at this stage.

Question 2- I have the Bergman’s nutrient pack. Says enough for 5 seeds. I’ve looked at the similar like questions before posting and have conflicting answers. The question is pretty basic I think. When I get ready to move her from seedling to the hydrobucket what is the ratio of water to Bergmans. I have looked at the chart many times. So lets say I mix a gallon of the growtime plant food. The bucket is 5 gallon so I am thinking I put 4 gallon of water and a gallon of the Bergmans nutrients. But then as the plant eats and drinks do I add more nurtient or more water. I suppose this is where the TDS meter comes in but still do I mix another gallon of Bergmans… doesn’t seem like it can feed 5 plants like it says… maybe 5 gallons but not 5 seeds all the way to the end. Am I thinking about this all wrong?

Thanks for any help

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I have grown in soil and used Bergman’s nutrients. I just followed the feeding chart. I’m growing Hydroponic now but mine is a 55 gal water and nutrients (green planet) that pumps to a reservoir then gravity flows into my pots. I change water every 7-10 days and feed on green planet schedule. I’ve never added or topped off. I wish I could help but I don’t have experience with your system. Great place to get help. @MidwestGuy can assist or get you pointed in the right direction. Welcome to the forum

Thanks @John7!

Looking forward to any information that anyone can provide as I continue to read up in these forums.

Here is my seedling at 10 days. I have not given any nutrients. This is the Hydro plug from Hydrobuckets. Its working well I guess? I keep the water about an inch into the plug and it is moist to the touch on the top of the plug. Water PH is about 5.9.

My questions are around when to move it to the 5 gallon Hydro bucket and when to start the seedling nutrient from Bergman’s. Also not sure on how to add the nutrients to the 5 gallon bucket as mentioned in the original post.

I use rapid rooter plugs when roots start showing I move into hydo bucket. I use half strength of gh trio. I start my water treatment when seed pops. This gives me a week to circulate, bubble, and add all nuts and beneficial. My water is around 600 ppm and ph 6.2. Untill roots hit water I will pour water once a day to keep plug wet. I adjust my water abut 3 inches below net pot and let air stones keep pellets damp.

Used Bergmans last 2 yrs IIrc , the feed growtime is 1 gr per liter so 3.8 g per gallon for full on strength. But never used full strength about 3/4 strength did me well

Thanks @Bentstick and @Ed43758.

Did you put the tiny seedling under light? For how long each day?

So you add the nutrients until your at 600ppm?

I grew in FF Happy Frog and did not feed for 3-4 weeks, skipped the seedling food, I see you are doing hydro.

Yeah doing Hydro only because I was given a bunch of hydro stuff. I am considering if its worth all the fuss.

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Growing in hydo is like doing anything else the first time. I had a learning curve my first round of 3 plants, I was constantly checking cecking my water ph and nutrients. I would be lying if I said it was easy, but my first grow I had a yeld of over 1.5 lbs cured. I use 18 gal totes it gives plenty of room for roots, and more water makes it easier to maintain.
I read so many of these forums here my first grow it was like studying. I now have been growing for years it has gotten alot easier, and in my opinion easy than other ways of growing.

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I agree that once you get the strain you want and get everything dialed in this would be the route to go as everything is controlled. When you have seedlings did you give them alot of light.

My plan is to grow it in the plug I have with the Bergman’s seedling food till it gets bigger and I can see some roots. The water is about 5.9 PH and I’m getting about 265ppm TDS. Not sure on the accuracy of the TDS meter. I have well water with alot of IRON but the TDS prior to adding the Bergman’s was abut 100ppm.

For light I move my makeshift container outside. I have a small “plant” light but think I had it too close.

It seems to be doing better now that I added the Bergman’s seedling food.

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