Bergmans nutes question on how to use correctly

I just received Bergmans nutes and there are no directions on how much to use and when or how. Any suggestions? Do not want to waste it seeing it is expensive.

thanks, It is a starting point for me.

Just monitor ph/ppms and watch what your plants tell you with their leaves. You got it :metal:

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I’m with you. No real guidelines on use frequency that I can find. I’m growing outdoors and have starts under simple lights right now but should be using “growtime” but do not know to use. “every” time I water or only occasionally? I get it’s selective and subjective,I will be taking PH readings but neither will answer my question. As after mixing, seems pretty weak mixture so guessing unless PH gets way off should be used every water?


Did you ever get an answer? I have the same question. How often and how much. I’ve got 25 plants and it seems I have enough material for one. It must be once a week but how much?


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What are you guys asking specifically? When to use nutrients? How often? @jherring52 @Kylemalone

Hey Sick,
The schedule is labeled week one, two, etc.
I understand the ppm etc.
I’m asking in week one do I feed only once or everyday, every other day?
Secondly, how much mixed solution goes to each plant in a single watering?

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You feed whenever your medium dries out. What medium are you using?

This depends on how big your pot is.
What size pot are you using and what medium specifically?

I have the recommendations for strength 2/3 tsp. per gallon of water for “growtime”, listed as 1st week, 2nd week, etc. but my question is “every” time I water? or once a week?

Guess my answer is there. In looking at the amount I received in “complete” grow kit, the 4 plants I have started, would last about 1 week using daily. So, has to be weekly and quantity will still only last perhaps 4 weeks max.

Some people add a water only feeding into their schedule after 2 feedings. So it would be like feed, feed, water, feed, feed, water.

What medium are you using?

I have 25 like this in the ground. If I water with this solution I should get about 2 waterings. Lol

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Why dont you look into Jack’s Nutrients. You will go alot further with your money

Thank you so much. Makes sense. I appreciate the advice. Never grown anything before so I’m super green.

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Well why the heck would you plant 25 plants then haha

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For my first grow I would love to go organic but I got Bergmans beginner pack (30 WW autos and the whole nute line). Now I’m wondering if I made a mistake and wasted my money because I cannot find info anywhere on whether Bergs nutes are considered organic or not. Anyone have an idea about this? Thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

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