How to use Bergmans plant food

I have just received my plant food how do I mix them?


Here is a feeding schedule but I am not familiar with them, good luck

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@Linette The Schedule @Dennis62 provided is from ILGM and I used these nutes on the grow I’m finishing up now. There’s not a lot provided in the packs so don’t get carried away, I had to supplement towards the end of the Growtime another fert but in Roberts defense, they stated it was for 5 plants, I had 4, most growers in here use between 3-5 gal containers and I used 7 gal. I would say you also need either Epsom Salt or CalMag and a Mycorrhiza’s Fungi in addition to the Bergmans. Imho


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Following. I have everything ready to go for my first grow but I had 0 idea how to use these nutes I bought.

They have these charts on here for each medium type. I’m finishing up a rin using them now.

I’m getting ready to start my first grow and am using the ILGM nutrients. I see the charts for the schedule and the mixing ratios but I haven’t see anything about what quantity of the solution to apply to each plant.

Do you just replace one day’s watering with the plant food mix? Example, instead of watering my plant with 1/8 gallon of water I should water it with 1/8 gallon of plant food mixed according to chart and schedule?

@GivingItATry Welcome!! That’s exactly what I do with the Bergmans. Throughout the grow as my weekly watering got larger so did their share of what I mixed up. I was at a point giving each plant a 1 gal feeding per week and on the other watering I was adding CalMag and molasses and some Mycorrhizal fungi. Good luck!!

What is the best way to apply the plant food? Can it be sprayed directly on the leaves such as the Seedling booster or only to the soil?

@Dustyjoe8 Best to follow the online Bergmans Chart and most would say foliar spraying should be done when lights are going out. IMO if your indoors stick to soil saturation and avoid any potential mold issues that may arise as your ladies get bushier later. Got a fan in with them??

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Is the feeding schedule for one plant? So 2/3 tsp per gallon for each plant? Thanks.

@SRSR Welcome in to the Club!! I made the mixtures per gallon but I did t have plants large enough in the beginning to apply that much. I made a gallon of the seedling mixture but each plant only received about a solo cups worth 1x a week and on the opposite waterings I did things like fungi, blackstrap molasses and CalMag. Same with the VegTime. Made it by the gallon. Here they we’re getting slowly up to a 1/2 gal each and then near the end of veg a whole gallon each of the nute solution. By flower in order to hit my 20% runoff at waterings they were each receiving 1.5 gal each at waterings and feedings.

My containers were 7 gal though and that matters on how large their root ball grows too. If your in smaller pots you’ll probably require less liquid per to hit the runoff to avoid salt build ups.

Hope this helps.

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I use the same amazon kitchen scale that I use to weigh my coffee beans.
I ignore the .00 and reduce strength by about 5%.

This illustration calls for .75g per liter of water.

I’m now using the Blumat system to keep Mary happy…

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Yes, this helps. Thanks. I live in the northeast USA & started my plants in early May. They’re approx 1.5 ft tall in 5 gallon pots. I topped them this week and am planning on giving them the veg time mix next week. This is my 3rd outdoor grow and am not well versed in the other nutrients you mentioned. I just stick to the ILGM fertilizers and Miracle Grow potting mix. Any thoughts or tips are welcome. Thanks.