How often to feed with ILGM nutrients?

Im in beginning of week 4, doesn’t seem to get answer on the website. How often should i feed with these nutrients?

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There are no answers. I looked myself. Pacjage says once a week e ery 7 days or so with water in the middle. I use diff nutes now tho be ause so lit info on bergmans nutes

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Hi. I don’t use either. But hang tight for a bit and others will answer.

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Bergmans has a feed chart.

Had you seen this?


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You can’t find answer because this has more to do with media you are growing in the name on bag/bottle of nutrients you are using. In an amended soil grow you would probably be best to rotate medium strength feedings with ph’d waterings. Depending on size of pot and how developed your plants are, this is probably feeding 1 maybe 2 times per week with a watering in between. If you were growing in something like coco you would feed just about every day, sometimes multiple times per day.

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That would kill you in nutes through bergmans. Honest question. Why no better answers to bermans nutes ? Why no answer from bergman himself ?? Lol not being funny but ive asked this before seen multiple threads on this. And never an answer from the guy who made the nutes himself.

The bergman nutes also only comw in a set. 4 bags. Says enough for 5 plants start to finish( i ran outta flower nutes how hungry my gurls were in flower . Had to buy extra diff nutes ro finish so i didnt have to buy a whole nother bergman nute set. Just to use flower and than ida had veg nutes with no flower to use next time. 50 bucks. So if u did everyday feedings … youd run outta nutes quick and have to buy diff sets of bergmans etc.

:point_up_2: Elon Musk wouldn’t personally answer a Tesla customer either. There’s a degree of research each cultivator needs to do on the medium they plan on using as well as what equipment and how to test the PPMs of the medium and nutrients. @Fieldofdreams posted a feed schedule above :love_you_gesture:


I’d like to emphasize this point. The best way to manage virtually any nutrient line is to manage runoff PPM and maintain it at ~1,000.


But with ilgm you have to follow once a week feeding or you dont have enough. I fed 1 time every 7 days and ran out in flower :blossom:

I get that. But if tesla had vague instructions amd in order to fill up with gas you had to purchase 4 tires and everyone was asking how. Why on teslas webpage Hed make a statement lol :laughing:

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Got me on that one :joy:. What soil are you using and do you have a PH and TDS pen for testing run off to know when to start nutrients if you’re using an amended medium. Will need these 2 for mixing the proper amount of nutrient to feed as well. @MidwestGuy mentioned on maintaining the 1000 PPMs with a target PH of 6.5 for soil :love_you_gesture:

Recommended feed amounts are approximate. There is no prescribed dose that will reliably give the best results as different plants eat nutrients at different rates.

Feed as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of 1,000 regardless of what nutrients are being used. It’s really that simple.

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Isn’t Tesla a battery operated vehicle? I used the Bergmans as well. It’s very cheap comparatively speaking so buying 2 sets is still cheaper than other nutes out there. And like other nutes ILGM has customer service available for your questions but to think that a multi country corporations owner is going to respond personally to every inquiry is ludicrous lol. The nutes worked fantastic, but I also ran short towards the end and needed to finish out with another line. Live and learn.


Its not tho with bergamns. ! Your given 4 packets and told thats enough at 5 plants fornfull grow. But its not. You run out of flower. If you feed at 1000 ppm. Your not following the recipe exactly. And running out if nutes. And you cant buy any of them seperate if you run out … have to buy the whole kit.

I didnt necessarily mean bergman hunself. ( yes i stated that as a general theme of frim the company that makes the nutes ) and generally speaking theres like no info other than that chart inline about the nutes etc. Js. My opinion not a fan

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Jack’s 321 is a great option for nutrients. It’s currently 25% off via Amazon.


I’ve been bouncing about trying different brands. Went from MG to Bergmans to TPS to now using Jacks. Trying to make my own opinion lol. Good luck growmie. :+1:t2::grin:


How do you use the jacks i think im switching from the bergmans since it ran out so fast


It’s a 3 part mix, super simple, clean and last a long time.

Per gallon of water
Part A 3.6 grams
Epsom salt 1.2 grams
Part B 2.4 grams

Part A is added to your water source and mixed throughly, Epsom salt mixed throughly then part B mixed thoroughly :love_you_gesture:

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