Huntington Beach Skunk

I started smoking in mid 80’s yes im old. It was to this day my favorite smoke. It was very popular with surfers in downtown HB. Beautiful green sticky skunky buds. What current strain would come close to this classic?


Supposedly, if you believe the hype…there is a guy that has the Original Skunk bud seeds for sale. It does seem legit cuz dude is old as dirt. Mel Frank. Authentic Genetics.

I have been looking for some of the same OG stuff from back in our day. I found some Acapulco Gold that was phenom. Check her out. Beautiful plant.

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Thanks alot will check him out. That top plant is fire

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It is all the same plant thru the different growth stages. Here is what I got off her.

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OG Kush is another awesome strain that’s been around for a long time, it’s offered by ILGM.

Godfather OG is another good one I :sparkling_heart:GM has that resembles some of the smoke we had when younger. That is the first plant I grew when I started growing again. Was looking for something ol skoolish and landed on that.

Sweet flowers you’ve got there.

Any suggestions on where to post this to help find someone who knows what we’re talking about?

I think there is a seed strain thread here but google is your friend. That is where I found all the ol skool strains I want to grow.