Humidity for cure?

I got them jarred up and the humidity in the jar reads 60%. is that good or too wet? I thought I read somewhere on here that 55-60% was the golden area?

I always cure at around 58 to 62. I won’t get concerned unless outside of the range of maybe 52 to 67 for more than a couple of hours. It will vary at times. You should be fine.

Don’t forget to burp your jars. Twice a day for about a week or two and then once a day for another week or 2. Burping makes a big difference.


I myself like to jar up my plants when they are upper 60s and burp daily to bring them down to right around 62.


Same as above. Some reason when I start around 68% and slowly bring it down, the terps are much more prominent.



nice. thanks guys

I hope this helps…it really helped me out. I got it from someone else

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I weighed it all up before jarring and it was 77.4 g this was only a partial harvest but will it lose mush weight from here on?

Depends on how much moisture is still in the buds. I don’t usually lose very much at all once I jar them

in that case I am going to have a lot of weed lol. Ive harvested about half a plant so far and it barely put a dent in my tent