Humidifier in grow tent

About to put a humidifier in grow tent. What kind of water should i use? Also growing sour diesel auto flower what humidity level do they like? I’ve heard they don’t like a higher humidity.


Use distilled or RO water if using an ultrasonic humidifier. The problem growers encounter using tap water in an ultrasonic humidifier is that the minerals in the tap water are aerosolized and you get white mineral dust all over your plant and grow space. Wicking, evaporative humidifiers do fine with tap water.

Cannabis is cannabis and humidity requirements are consistent regardless of strain. There aren’t many differences between strains other than the terpine profile, cannabinoid content, and perhaps coloration in mid-flower. That said, some strains can be more hardy than others in terms of mold and disease resistance. I run >50% in veg and <50% in flowering to keep it simple. You can make a science project out of it and target ideal VPDs.


:point_up::fire::fire::point_up::fire::point_up::fire::point_up::fire::point_up: totally agree with that!!!


100% the very reason to use distilled or RO. :v:


I have the above countless times here with the white power all over everything, lights plants,fans etc. Dont use tap!


RO water with a auto top off on the humidifier I run 2

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