Huge Props to HLG

I bought a 260XL kit and the driver had no output voltage. I sent a note to HLG and expected they would want me to ship the driver back so they could test it an do their own claim with Meanwell. I just got an email from HLG saying they have shipped me an entire new 260XL kit. Man I’m happy about it. I was thinking about buying a spare XL heat sink so I could convert one of my non-XLs to an XL. Now I have that and 2 spare Rspec boards.

Call me a newly minted HLG fanboy. It’s hard to find that kind of customer service these days.


For me…I’d send the one that didn’t work back to them. But that is how brutally honest I am. I’m glad they stepped up which shows they do care that their customers are very happy.

Oh yeah this just came to me. Once you get the new kit, you can verify if it’s the lights and or Meanwell driver by testing the new driver to both boards. :+1:


You are ruining it for the rest of us! Stop being so honest.

So who pays for return shipping?


Who says we’re shipping it back? We’re getting another driver for the beast!


I bought something off Amazon one time that ended being broke. I wrote them a message and they said I didn’t need to send it back. I did and they actually paid the shipping by enclosing a USPS postal box with shipping paid. :+1:

I had a Xikar Cigar Cutter that was bad straight out of the box. Luckily the owner of the company told the Cigar Store Owner to replace it immediately and the guy that owns Xikar left the cigar event with it.

His reasoning…so he could address the place that made them so it wouldn’t happen again. :+1:

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It’s easier for them to just resend the same order again, rather than make up a separate order, making sure to get the right part to work with the rest of your kit and all that…breaks the mold. They’d have to take time to either test and confirm or like you said make claims and that’d probably cost them more than just a “do over.”