How would you handle it?

A friend shows me this enormous cannabis plant he’s got growing in his yard this summer. Huge plant, easily 7’ tall and covered with huge buds. Easily a pound or more on the plant. His yard reeks if weed. He’s really proud of it.

So here’s the dilemma.

He gave me a Christmas present, a huge jar of his weed. WITHOUT A DOUBT THE WORST WEED OF MY LIFE!
Buds are huge, light and fluffy, essentially untrimmed. Sugar leaves still intact. It has no nose. Not dried or cured. I tried smoking some, but it’s too moist to burn.

He’s gonna ask, so what do I say? Tell the truth? Lie? I promised him some from the batch I’m presently growing. His weed is like lawn trimmings and mine’s gonna seem like jet fuel. He’s a real nice guy, and his heart was in the right place, so I don’t want to embarrass him.

What would you do?


Educate him on the benefits of a proper dry and cure. A good dry and cure will bring out the good smells and flavors. A dry and cure will eliminate chlorophyll from the harvest. Chlorophyll is responsible for the lawn trimming taste and smell.


Sounds like a teaching moment. Time to put on your professor suit. This is what you did well Jonny, but this is how you can do better. Less of this sucks. More of if you are going to grow, you should aim to always get better. Let’s start here.


Dry and cure what he has given you, if only to go through the motions. No need to embarrass him. Do gift him some of your good bud (in the same jar, emptied into the vessel of your choice. When he asks you how you achieved such fine product, tell him.


I agree don’t want this fellow grower not being successful, wasting time and money. He most likely already knows so it want be a shock to him. Share some herb and during the interaction you should have a door open for your methods. Good luck but no worries it will be a laughable memory in time to come.


Tell him you tried some, but it really needs to be cure up, first. Invite him over fur a smoke session, and to teach him how to make bubble hash (use his). Who doesn’t like hash? He has plenty of “weed” and this conserves on his storage space.

While it’s washing, smoke him down with yours and discuss his grow. He’ll be excited to discuss it, and you’ll be able to “feel him out” to possibly drop pointers for improving his next go. If not, he learned how to make hash, and you don’t have to smoke the crap leaf matter with him eventually.


Definitely needs to finish the cure. Maybe he has time to trim and dry out properly. Might even taste better if he finishes the cure.
If you have a hydrometer you can give him and show him how to use.
If the buds are airy they may not be properly finished. Pull the N and add the P so they can…


Just cure it. When the smell comes and taste let him know if good or bad then. If he GAVE it to you freely cure it. Thank him and let him taste when done. If he never cured the rest he will next round.


Did he expect you to smoke it wet or did he expect you to trim it and cure it first?

Because I give fresh cut weed away sometimes to other growers and I figure since it’s free they can trim and cure it :sweat_smile:
I mean if dude smokes at all, he has to know it’s not smokable right :thinking: or if not then yeah, you got to educate him :confused:


Just be honest brother :boom:

Infact it might get better after dried properly and cured.

Not all weed is 25% thc +


If y’all are swapping buys then I’m assuming you’re pretty good friends.
So, on that note…

Don’t degrade his work. Talk to him about improving things. Start with a couple of things… seeing and curing and keep it simple.
You want him to be more excited about growing better bud… you don’t want him thinking he sucks and his weed is shit.

Unless he’s an ass… then tell him his weed is crap.


LMFAO Valid point!!

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