How will regular plants handle winter sun (in Florida)

Hey just a quick question here, but not sure the answer will be…I’m in central Florida and have my first plants starting to flower (white widow autos) they are doing well and I’m about 4 weeks from harvest. I’m already looking for my next batch and I’m considering regular plants instead of autos. If I were to plant them outdoors in late fall/ early winter would they do well receiving about 10 hours of sun for the entire lifecycle? I know they need to get 12 hours or less to start flowering but what about for the growing stage? Would they act like autos and just go directly to flower or what? Should I just stick with autos till spring?

They will start flowering immediately.
Can’t fake sun duration they will figure you out! :grinning:

Is that a bad thing? Other than not getting huge are there any other problems I’d encounter? Would autos be a better choice still spring?

Autos yes

You don’t want a seedling flowering you could get an 1/8 oz of dry product tops

Thanks much… autos it is till feb/mar

I’d also wait until after last freeze for outside Grow. I remember the citrus growers trying to save their trees and strawberries on some awful late freezes :+1:

I’ve got them in fabric pots so I can bring them inside in case of hurricanes, frost or anything else that may endanger my girls.

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There is one trick you can use: As long as you expose them to some bright light like a flood or flashlight for maybe 15 minutes in the middle of the night, normal plants will stay in veg. Turning bright lights on might attract unwanted attention if you do it every night on a timer. Turn them on at random times like they are security lights being set off by moths. Or maybe use security motion sensor lights and remember to go out some time between 10 PM and 2 AM to set them off.

This works because normal plants need 12 hours of total darkness to force them to flower. Just a few minutes of light will disrupt that.