Is mid September too late to start an outdoor autoflower?

I live on the gulf coast, so I’m not really concerned about low temps late in the cycle. But, is there still enough daylight hours to succeed? I’m guessing it will take until the end of November for a plant to ripen. That’s about 10 hours and 15 minutes of daylight. Can I make it work?

You can grow autos 12/12 from seed @WickedAle has

Thanks HornHead. There won’t be 12 hours of daylight though. In fact, for the last month of the plant’s life, there will be less than 11 hours. Closer to 10 by harvest. Won’t this drastically reduce yield?

I’m not 100% sure but I think your light schedule doesn’t matter cuz shes an auto and going to flower on it’s own time. I would try it, why not? Try and make sure you have a spot outside where she’ll get as much sun as possible. That’s just imo.

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On paper, they’ll be smaller/lower-yielding plants, because less light equals less photosynthesis. The timing is irrelevant, that’s the point, isn’t it?


You may end up not getting a large yield but some is better than none


I’d think the suns intensity would decrease a lot by harvest. So, sure you could grow to completion, but your yields would be lower than if you had optimal light.

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Salutations Jolly_Green_Giant,

Perhaps this on-line resource may help a bit:

Personally i’d argue it depends on what you define as “success”, preferably in a rooftop greenhouse with plenty of artificial complementary light.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

I would go for it, to me it would be a good learning experience.

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Lucky you! I’m up north near Canook country, I’m moving my plants west in the morning and east in the evening to maximize direct exposure to sunlight, by November the sun goes down by 5:00 PM and ice starts forming on the lake! Maybe some Prestone would help? Short of that they’re goners! I bet you never had ice in your indoor reservoir and fish swimming upside down because you went skiing during a power outage.

P.S. I put my plants in a dark shed for 12/12 starting July 30 to August 21, to start the flowering cycle so they still have strong sunlight for finishing before the sun is too low in the southern hemisphere, if you have nautical sunrise and sunset I would try it, but here is different than there, it may be more forgiving on the down side curve into winter’s long dismal darkness. No frost, no ice during harvest time in November? No valley or surrounded by forest that hogs the light? What do you have to loose? I would go for two or three harvests if the weather permitted it, but no such luck, we only have enough time for one planting.

Good luck!

Here’s a good site for light hours wherever you are;

Thank you guys for your input. I’m going to start a seed germinating today!

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You can grow autos or photos on 12 hours or less of light. Elheffe is correct, just less energy for the plants.

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