Fall Auto Flower in AZ

First try at outdoor autoflower in Phoenix. Weather is finally cooling down below the 100’s. Curious if anyone has any experience with starting this late in the season? Wondering if the shorter days will give me sparse veg stage, and then under optimal flowering. Should get a good 12 hours of southern exposure with warm temps thru October. any auto experts care to weigh in? Strain advise?

Autos don’t care about light schedules. They do what they want regardless.


i understand that. i’ve grown a few in the past indoor hydro. they did well in 20/4 light schedule while the photo period girls were in veg. just wondering if they would do well in basically a 12/12 natural light condition. or if i was wasting time and resource. just worried it wont be enough hours of light for good growth and finish with enough density.

I am in Tucson and wondering the same thing I got 4 GSC autos started 3 weeks ago and they are pretty small still but growing I put them in full sun after 1 week of being in the shade but I think I might be wasting my time…

ya, since their life cycle is so short definitely concerned they won’t reach potential. i had good luck under led’s with a couple, but no longer have the indoor space available for a hydro set up. My hope is the quality of our AZ sunshine would do them right, even as our hours of daylight are getting shorter. i’ve went with Gorilla Glue auto to start. Will definitely document for future growers. Gonna go with a semi-hot soil mix to start and then feed with a “tea mix” to try and maximize veg and then flowering. i guess there is only one way to find out.

First grower: my first struggled till I got a Giixer grow light. Now it got good growth. BUT NOW I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PROCESS WHEN MY WHITE WIDOW BLOOMS AND HOW DO I KNOW WHEN IT IS TIME TO HARVEST? DO I HARVEST THE WHOLE PLANT OR CUT A FEW BLOOMS OFF AT A TIME? Thanks in advance.

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ton of you tube vids for this. i was taught to watch the trichomes. get a jewlers loop with a light. when the trichomes get cloudy or slightly off colored you’re there.

That’s selective harvesting …and is not an issue it’s grower preference really

I prefer to cut the stalk just beneath the soil surface and hang the entire plant upside down …and then look how and where I want to cut off individual branches to make hanging them easier .

It’s not easy your first time to selective harvest because drying and curing would need to be staggered and then you are bringing more moist product into where things have already been drying …

Also watch the trichomes with a jewlers loupe trichs should be milky with some of the heads amber …the amount is also grower preference and certain people like harvesting at different times …for different effects

@Lacewing, any thoughts on the outdoor autos for the fall?

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Man …that is a tough decision …
But I’m not sure …
I mean I think there are only a couple autos that can finish really quick but forget which ones but even those would prob be longer than normal outdoors with less than optimal conditions

If they are throw away seeds I’d say experiment and try
But don’t go ordering GSCE autos and expect them to even get there in time …

Like if you had them in your pocket burning a hole I’d say go for it

Was using GSCE as an example

maybe try a few and save the rest…i can go hydro and lights, but my shed has no temp control so I’m pinned to the winter months in Phoenix to use it. Can get one cycle in of photo period plants thru the winter. we get good sun here so i’ll give it go for an outdoor experiment. my thought and maybe its wrong, is hopefully a decent veg phase as its pretty intense sun here in Az, and that maybe they’ll finish good as the winter solstice comes around.

Yah I probably shouldn’t have germinated the seeds before I did more research but hopefully they take off soon but it’s not looking good so far :disappointed_relieved:.

Your problem will likely be too cold night time temps. If days aren’t long enough you could pull the plant into the garage at night and put it under a light for a few hours each day.

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