How to use the Bergman's root guardian

In the 3 year i have been growing i have gotten all of my seeds and fertilizers from
I❤️Growing Marijuana which i love every thing I get from them. I have used all the nutrients including bug blaster and mold shield. My question is with the root guardian… i have read instructions on the web site but to me it isn’t clear on if you spray the entire plant or just water with the root guardian at the base of the plant in the soil?? I just wanted to take some extra care this year as i grow outdoors with my feminized plants. It has been extra humid this year and i have already use the mold and bug blaster which work amazing!

So you have a response. I only use Fox Farms so no help. We are getting blasted at the South Texas Coastline. Thursday at least 1” and it’s going to rain almost 24 hours straight. Glad I grow in doors.

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I’ve never used them but following as I’m interested to hear about it :blush:

I do use fox farm soil.

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My reference was to the Root Guardian. Never used
that one. Fox Farms has a root one and I just mix it in the feed and pour it like I do any other nutrient. Roots spread and its always a bad idea to put any water at the base of the plant. Stem rot for example.

I just wanted you to know someone seen your topic. Even though I don’t use Bergman’s products. :+1:

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Thank you. I use fox farm soil. Since i bought the seeds from here just wanted to try their nutrients.


Nothing wrong with that. I started growing May 2018 and I didn’t join here till Sept 23rd, 2019.

Hey @CandT82 ! I can’t say for certain because I’m not using the same products as you are, but given that the name of the product is, “Root Guardian” I would imagine that you wouldn’t want to spray it on the leaves of the plant. From my reading, the plant leaves are in control of photosynthisis, exchanging air/co2, and, from my understanding, the roots are in charge of nutrient uptake which then is distributed throughout the rest of the plant. Given that info, I don’t think there would be much benefit to spraying the whole plant, verses just the ground. The only two thing that I personally put into my plant water is “pH Down” and Cal-Mag. And as long as my water is between 5.8 and 6.1 when I am starting to water, I dont care what the water gets on. I spray down the whole top of all my fabric pots, leaves, stems, etc… Granted, i’m also in week 4, so I don’t have any buds forming, yet. When I do start getting bud formation, I’ll start being more careful on exactly how much I spray the leaves.

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So i was reading on some other sites and it had said to pour it down the base of the stem and throughout the base of the pot where i have it planted. Thats what i did so it should be fine. Sometimes i think i over think this because i put so much time and work in that i dont want to mess anything up!

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Not a bad ethic to have :blush:

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Im still wondering when I should start using my root guardian, during beginning of seedling stage or can I use it after my two true leaves have shown? :thinking: