Bergmans Marijuana Plant Protector

I would like to know if I can use the bug blaster, root protector and mold control during flowering. It has a garlic smell and was wondering if it will make the buds taste like garlic. Thanks

I honestly cannot answer that question but, I am posting to mark the topic so I can find out for you. What does the product information say about applying these products during flower?

Unfortunately I have never procured and used these products; So I will contact the Office Monday and try to get you an informed answer.

A few members here have bought this and use it but, I cannot tell you which one of the many I saw post about it. Someone might pop in and give you a shout. :slight_smile:

ill be Watching this … as i believe ive got leaf spot fungus . and would be interested if Roberts mold protector would help or could it be used in-between crops as a preventative … Hammer

thank you. Unfortunately, the directions say nothing about applying during flowering. Have been using it for veg and early flowering with great results. I was just wondering if the solution can be applied to the buds. 4 weeks into flowering. I have a perfect set up but can’t get the humidity below 50%. I just don’t want mold. Excellent circulation and exhaust system/carbon. I don’t know. I suppose with experimentation I will figure it out. Just wanted to see about Bergman’s product that I have. Thank you for checking on this

I just don’t know. I have an extensive ventilation system, CO2 system and exhaust. I don’t think I have to worry but it never hurts to ask. I just don’t want a garlic smoke.

Agreed. I tend to be afraid of applying anything after first week or two of flower. I’m stressing with the humidity too. Creeps into 70s during lights out. With vent, and a dedicated AC. Thinking about killing vent tonight and see if AC brings it down with out the constant vent.

I’ve been dealing with the same issue! I’ve also been reading about how some plants can do well in higher humidity, which is the opposite of what we’ve been taught!

Hey guys,

This MJ plant is as adaptive as any plant can be. Maybe you lose some yield because you have to adapt. The key to allowing plant to adapt, is consistency.

Keep fighting the humidity; Keep the fans circulating air.

The only true way to get the humidity down is the combination of AC and dehumidifier. Otherwise; You have to monitor and do your best to keep the environment consistent.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

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So I should not use the plant protector products during flowering. I really don’t have any issues with mold or bugs.

can you use bug blaster and mold control on plants that are budding and still have several weeks before harvest

Yes I have same questions

What is a complete cycle?
@Hogmaster @Majiktoker @latewood @garrigan62

If its complete cycle of plant likely it meaning through vegetative and flower all the way up until harvest though not sure if its ok to get on flowers

Thanks bruda

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thanks guys got 20 wwa from here.germinated 10 only 8 took they look incredibly awesome started them back in april.i have to grow outside 1st time for autoflower but have been growing for quit a while now,thats they only seeds i will get from now on.only from here,live north east USA seems like not enough time for plants to mature here in the past and always seem to get hit with bud rot having to grow into October for plants to mature. i use 5gallon smart pots and fox farm ocean forest dirt which i did notice it burned my seedling when i transplanted them from solo cups with dirt for starting seedlings next year i will leech the dirt before transplanting my seedlings.and i use very little fertilizer mainly beastly bloom,molasses and cha ching only, water with rain water.i did use the root protector,i will not spray now with mold control or bug blaster buds look too nice,but i always have trouble with bugs and bud rot hope by being able to harvest beginning of August will help with the bud rot,i have tried everything to stop the bugs but no luck,neem seemed to burn them in the past so any help with bugs and hopefully early harvest will stop my bud rot.i do spray plants when humidity is high with 9.5 water in the morning every now and then helps with powdery mildew thanks

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