How to use edibles effectively

I have ZERO tolerance for smoke, it makes me cough so violently, I fear I’ll blow out a blood vessel in my brain. So I turned to edibles and they work well with no coughing (obviously).

My issue is I have to continously increase the dosage in order to get high on consecutive days. Does anyone on here have an edible routine that works as well as smoking it?

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Tell us more about what your eating. Did you make it, and if so how, and what plant? You can figure out a close estimate of how it will hit you, and when, and duration if you know the beginning strength of plant, and how many grams of it get decarbed… Not too difficult.
Uptake is faster with soy lecithin…or butter products


For me 10mg hits like 10mg every time :joy: but it does depend on how much thc it has, etc. a lot of variables here

I originally made brownies from Super Skunk dosed for 50mg per bar. I decarbed in the oven then worked it into veg oil and made the boxed brownies. That worked very well but the next day it felt like nothing. I also made gummies from Grand Daddy Purple at 10mg per candy. Again, they worked well but it always takes more on consecutive days. I started taking tolerance breaks and that helps but is way less fun. Edibles take about 1.5 hrs to hit but last way longer too. I did use lecithin when mixing. I might abstain for a month and try going smaller, working my way from 10mg to 20 to 30, etc. I’ll save heavy doses for special occasions, but I need a daily dose to combat my chronic sciatica.

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10mg is too weak for me so I made some 50mg bars. That works, but the next day 50mg doesn’t feel like I took anything at all.


Hmm that’s weird.

Take on Empty stomach, but make sure you wont be needed for anything the rest of the day


Maybe look at @blackthumbbetty posts. Ive saved a few and she seems to be pretty well known. Also @Caligurl is another one ive gotten edible advice from on older posts

I make all of my edibles with QWET. Sorry, I know everyone uses lecithin but I never have and everyone loves my edibles and salve. I try to make mine at 25mg of thc and sometimes I make some around 30. bigger items, like brownies I make around 40 so hubby and I can share one (and I only make the mini, 2-bite brownies).

I do like a rollercoaster dosing LOL… what I mean is that I take them daily for about a month or two and obviously have to increase a little because of tolerance but then I have to start a taper and eventually down to nothing for at least 1 week then I go back to taking them. It seems to work for both hubby and I although he has to taper a little less quickly or he gets cranky.

Our tapers take about 1 week.

Blackthumbbetty hasn’t been around here for a while. I think she’s taking a tolerance break from all of the forums LOL… She’ll be back but nobody knows. she’s still active on IG if you need to contact her for anything.

Here is my edibles journal and I have changed the way I do things since the beginning of the journal so you’ll have to scan through it. Everyone is different when it comes to thc… even those who smoke. it. It’s what makes this so fun I guess. I make edibles for a lot of people and they all have different requirements, different strains they like, well they are all different.

Today I’ll be making my QWET from kief. I had a full mason jar of kief after my last grow.

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