How to store seeds for the next grow

Im not sure if this is the right place for this topic but …?? What is the best way to store a seed for the next grow. I grow outside so i need to store the seed in a safe place i have heard all sorts of ways like , keep in the freezer , store in container at room temperature, store in dark cool place in a container… is there a right way to store a seed and if so what is the best way to ensure the seed is kept safe and has a good chance to grow next year

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I’m new so horpiflly someone else will chime in. Me personally I bought the little round silver containers off Amazon and put them in there and they are dark and I put in a drawer. Far as I’ve read jus tkeep them cool dark and not wet.

I even made little labels for them

@GrowingIs4Everyone im new to all this as well …thats kinda of the same thing i have heard just keep them cool and dark …so have you have a harvest yet ?? Inside or outside??

I have not, my girls are 32 days old today and in flower. Growing 3 auto blue dreams Inside. I do not have a greenthumb unless I can control the environment :joy:. Hoping my babies do well in flower, the first 30 days haven’t been too bad so far.

I keep seeds in either a small plastic bag or a plastic capsule, placed in a Tupperware container and kept in the refrigerator. Germinated seeds from that from 5 years ago.

Cool, dry and dark is what you want.


@Myfriendis410 so u did the refrigerator rather than the freezer ?? Interesting …5 years wow i have to ask was it worth it ??

I am keeping the seeds in the baggies they come in. Then tossed them in a freezer ziplock bag and I put them on the top shelf. I also keep them in the baggies and also put them in medicine bottles on the top shelf of the Fridge as well.

@MrPeat all really good ideas thanks for the input

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You are welcome. :+1: