Storing my seeds until my next grow

I have 10 seeds but I can only grow two plants at a time. What is the best way to store the rest until my next grow?

Ive done alot of research and have found that one way to go about this would just simply put in a little baggy,put into an air tight container ( old coffee can,old medication bottle)fill the container with white rice and store in a dark,cool type environment. Some people say do this method and store in the refrigerator or ice box,but that cant be good for the long as moisture doesnt come in contact with the seed,as well as warm temperature, then the seeds should do just fine.i hope this also in the same position as you are.

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There are 3 things to consider storing seeds.Temperature,moisture,and light.all play an important part in germination.
I’ve read where you can store them in the freezer,but if there’s any excess moisture in the seeds,they’ll rupture in the freezer.
The fridge is good as well as room temp.if you have the seeds stored in an air tight container,along with some rice,seeds will last no problem several years.
I’ve tossed seeds in a drawer once for 5 years in rice,and in a dark cool place in a film container.Totally forgot about them,and there were 8 seeds in the film container of rice,and 6 germinated.

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I just put mine in a med bottle and put them in the cabinet and I’ve never had a problem with germinating same has vegetables seeds.