Best way to store seeds

I just received my new order of seeds, and i dont want to plant them all now.
What is the best way to store seeds till ready to plant?
Thanks in advance

Refrigerator works well.


cool, dry place. I keep mine in an old black jar I use to use for my bud, which is kept in a drawer in the basement. Haven’t had any go bad yet that I know of, but I am kind of new so my oldest seeds are only 3 yrs, but they still germinate…


Should i put them in a drawer in the fridge, like with with my veggies?

That would be fine. I keep mine where the butter goes. I have seeds 3 years old in fridge .

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Thank you. Glad to know they’ll keep

I would put them in a ziplock or jar, just to make sure no moisture gets to them…


I think AAA mentioned about a week ago about keeping them in a film bottle inside fridge. Personally I just leave mine in the package come in.


Still got them in the package they came in.
But ive got lots of jars.
Thanks for your suggestion.

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for some reason the Rev (TLO) says not to store in plastic bags.


In Jbum’s fridge. Free shipping available if your interested lol


Thanks that’s good to know.

Hahahahaha I like that. The ones that didn’t germinate for me would have been better in more experienced hands for sure

put a food grade silica bag in as well to suck up moisture

Mine are in a old first aid kit box and put under a dresser in a closet.

@Jbum I love how you keep popping up in the topics I search for here lol

Haha is that a good or bad thing?

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It’s great and hilarious haha great minds think alike!

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