How to stop the height during bloom stage?

I can stop the height by changing nutrients? If yes, what type of nutrients and schedule? Can I stop it by changing the lights? By curving the stem?


“The Stretch” as it’s called is a genetic thing from the plant. There’s no real way to stop it. It’s how the plant has grown for eons.
If you’re running out of vertical room in your space the best you can do is called “SuperCropping”.
It’s a technoique where you do actually bend the taller shoots basically 90 degrees to the lower part of the canopy and allow the side shoots on that part to grow out into buds. Hopefully more even with the lower part of the canopy so those buds develop better too.
I’m a little high atm but if you search the site you’ll find tons of info about it. Growweedeasy is another great source for growing info.

Best of Luck to you!


The only thing you can do is tied the stems down to an anchor point like a bamboo stalk or scrog net

I use a metal halide first 3 weeks of flower to help keep height down. The blue light keeps plants from stretching so much…

Most people that end up with really tall plants indoors they normally super crop them to control the height but thats normally done with photoperiod plants

take the top fan leaves of everytime that get big ( this will make a natural SOG) (letting the lateral branches grow out because they have no light blocking them and also side lighting will keep your plant short


Supercropping in a nut shell is pinching the stem, rolling it in your fingers a little bit to soften it, and bending it over 90 degrees.