Can I Still Top

I’m just into my second week of flowering and afraid I’m going to run out of height room. Can I still top?

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No don’t top her, if you are running out of room read up on how to supercrop and on how to tie her down


As far as topping; You are right on the edge of too late. It might work out but, what I do is when top grows to the height of the lamps, I squeeze the stem about 1 foot below the top, and let it bend over. I do not supercrop the entire plant. I just bend/break the top over. This allows all the 2ndary kolas to grow vigorously, and creates a higher yield.


Looked into supercropping and that’s just what I needed. THANKS!

Just have some things ready on standby incase you end up snapping one through. It can happen, just don’t freak out if it does. Gauze, tape, twisty ties all can help incase it happens