How to rid of Spider mites when pre flowering?

So I have spidermite I have bought Einstein leaf shine. But they are starting to pre-flower/ flower so idk if I can spray them or not. I wanna get rid of them before they really start to flower. Anyone have any good ideas or know if it’s fine to do it now

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Lady bugs. They sell 1500 packs. They are refrigerated so they stay dormant. Those ladies love eating spider mites. Put on each day about a hundred. Spray sugar water on them to sate their appetite right before applying. Keeps them on plants till they spot the mites. I’ve had them return this year. From where who knows.Preying mantis also eat all kinds of bugs.


You can’t just put them on the plants you need to make a home for the ladybugs put a water source non soapy reg sponge soaked in clean water not tap and some raisins in a clone box with holes works better so they reproduce because the pupil ladybugs are more ferocious hunters then adults adults just like to chill and reproduce so make a home because pupil ladybugs are know to eat 50 mites at time !! Hope this help friends :yum:


Good to know, thanks.

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I got pry mantis egg sack but I don’t think it ever hatched.
I had ladies birds but they flew away with in three days. I live about 4 miles from a place where they all gather to mate. But will def try the box. Where do you place it in the garden? Do you have a picture or site page too look for reference. I have never done it before

I don’t sorry but I’m sure there is on YouTube but yeah just stick it in the garden and they will find the mites

Check out a product called green cleaner. I’ve had a buddy use it and he said it was the only thing that worked. Best of luck!

Green Cleaner 749804 Home Pest Control Sprayer, 8 oz

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If lady bugs don’t work, you can spray with spinosad up to one week before harvest. Will probably kill lady bugs though, so don’t try both at once. Spinosad is so harmless to humans, FDA lets organic veggie farmers and tobacco growers use it.


When would be the best time to spray in the evening or morning

Green cleaner is really good works on most cannabis pests good one on @Anonyboii

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I’m a week or so away from harvest and I have just found them on my plants I’ve literally made a mix of this with water put in a spray bottle and gave them a good soaking you can use this through flower so maybe give it a try if you havent come across this already

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If you want to spray insecticide, I would recommend sunset. Lets it dry while the bees are all in their hives.


For spider mites Ladybugs don’t work, tried it. praying mantis don’t work, tried it.

Only in my veg tent I use a diffuser with neem oil, dish soap and mix well. Keep fan circulating air exhaust on low. Everything gets covered even under the leaves. Do this over night and let dry in the morning. Continue until all spider mites are all gone. So when its time to flower You have a clean slate.

In flowering tent just keep a close eye on dust looking spots on leaves and just remove the hole leaf. This will keep them under control.

I did try nicotine in a diffuser in my flowering tent. I think it slowed them down from multiplying. But it’s expensive.

Good luck let me know what work for you?