Spidermites in flower

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Advise please. We in day 17 of flowering, indoor setup. We had issues with spidermites in veg, but seemed to get rid of them. Now when feeding the girls tonight we noticed they’re back. Only on a few leaves and we plucked them immediately.

Anything I can use to get rid of the mites without compromising my yield?

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1)Simple isopropyl alcohol can be mixed at a 1:9 ratio with regular water and applied with a garden sprayer. This will kill most mites on contact without harming the plant, but you definitely want to try to avoid spraying buds with alcohol if you can avoid it.

2)One of the most popular essential oils is Neem Oil. Though most won’t admit it, Neem Oil usually has a permanent place in a grower’s toolkit, and when used sparingly, can be a highly effective weapon when fighting mites. When this foul-smelling product is used incorrectly, you can ruin your plant or crop while trying to save it.

3)You’re heard the expression “fight fire with fire”, well one good way to deal with spider mites is to fight bugs with bugs.

There are many predatory insects that can be introduced to your grow environment that will ignore your prized pot plants and instead immediately go to work feasting on your 8-legged unwelcome guests.

Ladybugs are voracious mite murderers and a cannabis grower’s best friend for an all-natural pest solution. I’ve used Ladybugs with great success. These can be ordered online and reanimated. Praying mantis is another great predator to have hanging around, literally. Some work involved hatching the eggs and raising but fun. Ladybugs will drink honey water(pure unpasterized) for nutrition and drink water off a paper towel that’s been moistened. Hope this helps.

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@Budbrother @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @Hellraiser spider mites help

Check out arbico Organics dot com and look into getting some predatory mite that will eat those veggie eaters.

Usually I will gather ladybugs from my Dads gutters in fall and get about 50 to put into a purpose built home that has leaves and twigs to crawl on. I would place a cap with warm water and pure honey along with a moistened paper towel daily. They will breed and you can easily keep a colony for 6 months. I’d take a group of ten and set them in tent and it would clean out 4 infested plants inside a few days. Then they will eat each other if no other food source is availible. In their enclosure if they have food and water, space to climb and hide they will just breed and only eateach other if you forget to feed them. There are organic sprays but use same caution not to spray flowers.

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I spray liberally with captain jacks…


I use that and alternate with ‘Safer’ Caterpillar Killer. If badly infested I’ll spray plant down with mild peroxide/water first.


Yeah, that’s what I would do.

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I can’t find captain jacks in South Africa. Is there maybe an alternative?

Anything labeled as spinosad. Spinosad is the bacteria name I think.

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