How to pinpoint the sex diffirence

A question from a fellow grower:

What’s the best the pinpoint the diffrence between male plants and a femal ONE?

Whether it develops pistils or staminates. These are the female and male plant parts. Some strains will not show these at all until a few weeks into the flowering cycle. This is really the only way to tell. I know you probably wanted to know for early removal of males, they will show earlier than females so you have plenty of time to remove them before they develop any pollen.

Notice the males look kinda like balls(pollen sacks) and the females look kinda like a crab claw with hairs coming out the middle.

Female pistils:

Male staminates:

Yes. about 2 weeks into 12/12 you should start seeing the sex developing. I think male pollen sacks look like a bunch of Wee little clumps of fat bananas. While the female looks like a flower pod with 2 little white pointy shoots coming out the end. Very easy to see when it happens. Make sure you check your plants everyday at least once to avoid males pollenating the females. Have fun, :slight_smile: lw