Are these plants male or female?

Only bought feminized seeds but these look like males I’m not sure very new at this . These plants are in the flowering stage. Are they male? Should I chop them down? Need good advice

She’s female bro…they are swollen cylax… Perfectly normal female sex organs! :joy::maple_leaf::green_heart::sunglasses:


I can’t rule out that the plant hasn’t already or won’t show male (staminate) flowers, but I don’t see any yet.
Female (pistillate) flowers are the only ones with pistils. Those tendrils that start “white” and then brown are pistils. Male flowers tend to hand down on a thin stem, have 4-5 lobes instead of the 2 on a female flower, and the sacs will eventually open to spread yellow pollen before they fall off. You can find pictures of these flowers in any search engine, but it can be hard to spot the differences until you’ve witnessed the complete cycle of both personally.


Thanks for your Help I will sleep easier now Thanks again