How to get the hash oil after harvesting?

K, I dry ice all my wet trimmings for the trichomes and just press that for a nice thick wax… like legit ear wax :laughing:


Got this from a food scientist:

Freeze plant material. Freeze alcohol. Any flower needs to be gently broken up and not ground. Also not decarboxylated. Ratio is 1 gram of plant material per fluid ounce of alcohol. Highest proof available, food grade only. Mix together and shake vigorously for 1 minute. Shake at 15, 30 and 45 minutes, then remove and drain off liquid from plant material at one hour. This will extract 99% of available oils and very little chlorophyll which is bitter. Now you can evaporate that solution gently down until you get the product you want. Rick Simpson oil is something you might want to look up.

For active THC (B) you should decarb first.


I normally use 1 oz bud and about 10oz alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol about 30 seconds. Any longer and the chlorophyll starts to come out

151 alcohol up to a minute

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Good call on the decarb part. 8 forgot


You’re not getting a good purge then and a lot of the weight left over is alcohol. That’s the two of the downsides of ethanol extraction, even at using 100%. Its polar so pulls stuff you don’t want, and almost impossible to purge. Even huge commercial setups struggle to get cannabinoid content and purity of butane. What you have would be considered a tincture, not shatter. Even then, processing grade A buds provides better yields than trim in any of the systems.

Ethanol extraction is great for home grower just looking to get some extract cheap. You can do it pretty safely without a bunch of expensive equipment.


@Syd1488 how will your friend be using the oil?

I have been making RSO for skin cancer and have learned a lot from @THCCBD on using RSO.

She goes into great detail on administration here:

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Need a Buchner filter

Ending up with this

Then evaporate it down

@dbrn32 ever try dry ice shaker method?

Fresher the bud better the product.

Then once you collect the blond hash off it you can heat press. Butane leaves a solvent that is impossible to purge.

Fresh trim or buds produces a wax

Cured buds produce a shatter

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@Member420 your stuff reminds me of shine

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It’s not the same.

@dbrn32 sorry I was only asking if you have ever tried it.

Not trying to say it’s the same as alcohol or butane, was just wondering.

I figured alcohol would have a point of maximum saturation and wouldnt allow for all the thc to be extracted.

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I used bubble bags, though it was a daunting process for you ended up with. Making bubble hash or curing doesn’t really change what you end up with. Whether you’re pressing hash pucks or pressing flower doesn’t really matter either. Hash produces a little cleaner and higher yields. A properly extracted and purged butane run should measure less than 50ppm of butane. I don’t go around testing butane concentration, but I’ve heard that’s less than using a bic lighter.

Not sure if you’re privy to any dispensaries, but prices of shatter vs rosin should be self explanatory. I’m not really hating on any of the methods, they all have pros and cons. Just reiterating that the long term cost vs value a closed loop butane rig is where it’s at.

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I have a friend who has MS (He has very advanced MS) and he tried everything that doctor can offer, but no relief. He is in Maine, which cannabis usage is legal, so I suggest him to make his own RSO. Recently, he told me that he wished he knew about the RSO sooner.
Just FYI - for MS, it works better with more CBD than THC (my friend told me this as well)
He also takes RSO ‘back-door method’ - 1g syringe full daily. Also, he takes a small amount of oil orally as well.

Also, when you extract resin from the clipping/buds, etc., it is best to use high Alcohol contents, like 190 proof grain alcohol. 190 proof grain alcohol is expensive, but it extracts resin so much better than the low proof alcohol, so in the end, you actually ended up saving money by using the 190 proof grain alcohol. If you are in AU, you can get it from Amazon AU. Grain Alcohol. Here is the link.
Hope your friend can get the relief. I know it is very painful…

My friend plans to infuse the oil into food products. Butter and cookies mostly.

@dbrn32 sorry for the misunderstanding,

I was saying that fresh bud after dry ice gives a waxer press

As cured bud produces a shatter all with a heat press

I’ve looked into closed loop systems and just don’t have that kind of knowledge to put one together or run one. It’s intimidating to be honest. I’d love to make live rosin with one someday

We have a few decent dispensaries and the price varies a little 30/40 shatter 50/60 wax/live rosin/ keif with some specials periodically of buy one get one half off or buy two get one deals.

@Syd1488, if your friend can grow the plant, she can juice the leaves. You do get high from leaves, so if she opt to do this, she needs to test and see when is the best time to drink the juice.

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190 proof gets heated to 42.5c/109f under a vacuum where it boils off and is recovered. So my $30 quart of EA will last for I don’t know how long. Maybe losing 1/8 cup per raw material extraction.

This was a quart to start, 6-8 runs on it " alcohol on left and filtered but not ran on right

Maybe the misunderstanding is with rosin and live resin? Heat pressed is considered rosin, and is usually about half the price of shatter. Unless I’m wrong, live resin is butane extract from fresh frozen.

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Thanks for your advice. My friend is a strait head and has no idea how to get a good room going. I’ve been growing hydro in rockwool with an NFT system for decades. I used to do whole houses!! Now I’ve sacrificed half of my bedroom to grow 15 SuperSkunk babies for a bit more dollars and free smoko. I went to a Bunning’s Hardware store for what I needed to build, for a mere fraction of the cost of buying a grow tent. Other than the rookwool, nutrients, good pH meter, digital temperature and humidity gauge, clone gel and pH up and down regulators, which I bought at a hydro store, the rest I made. I’ll take a quick photo to show you how it’s going. They’ve been in vege stage for almost 5 weeks. My pH levels are constantly between 5-6. I run a water pump 15mins every hour, and I have the lights on for 21-3. I do stick to a 12-12 light schedule during flowering though.


@dbrn32 nah I can press shatter also

Like I was saying it depends on the rh of the product going in that makes what comes out.

Wax usually sells for a bit more than shatter but not much