How much yield can I grow with 7plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Hi just like to ask if I could pick up the best tent and 600w sun blasters lights can I grow big yield can I expect to know how much yield can I grow with 7plants”

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Sorry but there isn’t any way to guess yield. So many variables it’s impossible to say.
If you go to the seed page, it tells you a round about estimate on what the plant COULD produce under PERFECT condition


7 plants in a single tent? I hope that’s a 6ft x 6ft then… as for yield as @Nug-bug said way to many things to take into account… MH to Full Red HPS… or just Dual Arc bulbs… just that choice alone can smash oz’s of the yield let alone feed choice and soil/coco/mix choice… 7 plants grown badly you could get 7 ounces… 7 plants grown slowly with optimal conditions well 1pound a plant is doable in a tent if you have time


As both @B345T and @Nug-bug

Stated there are to many factor’s to say what your yield would. If you are a first time
grower. I would suggest you start with some bag seed as a trial run.



Another Major factor is optimum foot print of 600w is about 3.5’x3.5’ anything over 4’x4’ and you start to lose intensity equalling less good bud the same foot print would be better served with 3-4 plants light should match tent 1000w or closer to 1800w with 50w sqft calc

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This is a loaded question.

I can tell you what you want to hear, or the truth lol

Technically, you could get around of 7 pounds. But you won’t, no offense. You’ll hopefully get between 2-8 ounces per plant. Depending tremendously on lighting, grow climate, strain genetics, and growers knowledge with nutrients and strain.