How much space for 30 gallon pots outdoors

How much space do you need in between and around 30 gallon pots outdoors? First outdoor grow, I’ve always grown indoor hydroponic. I have room and privacy now so I’m doing 6 in 30 gallon pots outdoors.


That’s going to be an absolute load of weed!


You’ll want at least 10 ft between them.
Preferably a few more.
They’re going to get big in 30’s.
It’s what I use btw.


How restrictive is it to move to smaller containers, 20 gal for instance? Just starting out and have indoor and large outdoor areas available.

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Welcome to the community I use 5 gal and grow in a hydroponic system

I sure hope you show pictures of your grow I’d love to see some monster buds

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I will definitely share photos. Haven’t done any growing since the 70’s and that was outdoors and risky lol. I have indoor area available but unsure of hydroponics and considering just regular and researching best lights etc. I probably have 14’ x14’ available close to my well and open rafters at 8’

And thank you for the welcome

10’ sounds crazy but my last grow run out of room.
I seen monsters growing in 20gal pots.
Here’s July28 then Sept3 I’m 5’11 standing between 2nd and 3rd plants, could have used 10’


I hope you have plenty of caterpillar control, and bud rot/mold, and powdery mildew. The couple times I’ve tried outdoors, that’s what happened no matter what I did. I even kept the rain off of them.


I’ve grown outside once. Had caterpillars. Never got to finish. They stole the plants. What was left I took inside to try and finish. They got wrecked. So this is my first time.


I use a ebb and flow hydroponic setup and I love it. I don’t see me ever going back to soil.

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Isn’t it quite a bit quicker to harvest using these systems ?

They grow faster and I get better yields. Here’s a picture of my 4 th grow ever and my first in hydroponic setting. It was awesome to see.


5 gallon pot outdoor in coco.


I put mine in the ground minimum of 4ft apart and always wish I’d put them 6ft but don’t have enough room Im putting 3 in a 12x10 greenhouse and 2 in a 5x10 and it will still be more crowded than I’d like. If you can put them far enough apart that they dont touch each other by the time they are done and they are gonna be in 30gal pots/bags they probably need to be at least 6ft apart.