How many clones can I take off this plant?

Question from a fellow grower:

Can you tell me if and how many clones I can take off this amnesia
haze that was purchased from you I know you’re busy but any help from
anyone would be great I have rock wool and other supplies just wanting
to know best guarantees method of cloning I have clonex gel also

I would take (1), let her recover, then take a couple more in a week or so. I prefer hydro method of cloning.


I agree with @Aquaponic_Dumme,
She really don’t look ike she could give much . Take one now and just wait a week or
two before taking anymore.



What would be wrong with cutting at the 8" mark and taking the clones from there up?

It should force out those lower branches, turning the two small sprouts into one, or two apex branches?

It looks like a few clones could be started. 4 or 5 maybe. Perhaps it’s different from an inside mother?

Just my own thoughts…