Clone production take 2

So my plant although small and not without issue has been growing pretty good lately. I took a few inches off of both of my tops and they’re not coming back. Which sort of sucks but this has caused the rest of the shoots to head for the light and they have been making inches and giving me some new cloning material.

About a week ago I attempted to take 3 or 4 clones, in my homemade hydrocloner type deal, they got very limp after I cut them and pretty much withered away. Last week I tried to take three more small shoots and unfortunately I was too busy to continue to keep them moist and they got too dry and turned to dust.

Today I took 8 shoots total, immediately transferred them to water after cutting, cleaned my scissors before each cut, removed them from the water, dipped in rooting hormone, and three of these went into peat moss pucks and 4 went into my hydro cloner, which is not black.

Two questions I want to ask is, how important is light for clones? I know the roots don’t want light but how important is it for the plant to build roots as far as light goes? Secondly…I can’t remember.

Does anyone have advice as to what I might be doing wrong or what I can do to help the success of these guys? The first ones I tried to take off the tops of my plant literally just got super limp, and then eventually started rotting almost.

I took three more clones in the peat since I only have 4 spaces on my bubbler. They are all looking pretty good though, none of them are excessively limp. Trying my best to keep them moist but I have to work all this week so I am praying they will not dry up. I would be so excited if I got roots with my home made bubbler.

I am considering getting a legit aqua cloner off of ebay.

The hydro clones are looking really good. No signs of roots but it’s still early. One of them the stem curled up and out of the water and didn’t want to go into the water which was funny/weird. I had to raise the water level and try and bend it back down towards the water. I think 4 of my peat clones died, they were very limp or falling apart. They all kinda look like crap though. I think I messed up but with my new job I can’t take care of them during the day, I had the humidity dome on 24/4 so I think that might have been bad for them not getting good ockseejen and perhaps staying too moist. I took 4 more clones though to replace the ones that died. Luckily my plants branches are doing OK so I have got some material left. Unfortunately I think my new light is bleaching them and there seems to be some nute problems as I have tips and yellowing leaves issues…that’s a different topic though. I can’t really flower my main/mother plant so I might as well be taking clones off of it.

It’s sort of funny, I have taken clones against all odds in really bad conditions and now that they’re some what good I can’t seem to get roots to save my life. The two clones I took a few weeks ago and doing OK and roots have gone through the peat puck so they’re in a larger pot, the larger of the two that was like 2inches what I took it is shooting up and is probably about 5 or 6 inches.

I will update this in a few days with new results. The main reason I am doing this is so I can document what I may be doing right or wrong and correct or save it, perhaps some others will learn something from it. (likely what not to do)