How many can you fit?

I was wondering how close can you plant for them to still produce? I 3-4” net pots per 5 gallon dwc/fogponics setup and was wondering if I could go to a 6-3” net cups per 5 gallon bucket, and if so, would I see light gains in output per bucket or should I expect a doubling of output, tia.

Are you talking about putting more than one plant in a 5 gal bucket?
Not sure if I’m understanding the question?

I currently run 3 per 5 gallon bucket and do fine with yield. Wondering if I went from 3 per 5 gallon to 6 per 5 gallon bucket should I receive double the output due to double the amount of plants, or would your diminish the amount due to double the plants?

I produce 2-2.25 :zzz: per plant at the moment due to quick turnaround, if I could get 1.75-2 out of doubling plants up I would be ecstatic :star_struck:

I wanna know how u get 3 plants in a 5 gallon bucket i have a 6 gallon and 1 plant and the plant itself fills the inside of the hydro bucket alone. How do u do 3. Must be small plants or something. I literally have a 6 gallon bucket of roots from 1 plant. hOW???


I beloeve ud be better doing simgle plants and letting them grow i get 4 and 5 oz from 1 auto and a lb or better off photos. 6 to 7 zips from 3 plants is not all that much ud get better oitput from 1 plant i believe per bucket. If photos grown in good conditions with no issues i can get a elbow or vetter per plant in a 6 month timespan. 3 plants of autos 12 to 15 zios per 3 plants roughlt. Just chopped an auto down with 5.38 oz dried


I have a quick turnaround. Roots in 7-10 days, 3 weeks in veg then right into flower. Done in 3-1/2 to 4 months. Repeating process every 5-8 days. Refilling water everyday.

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So you know they are basically sticks straight up and down (colas about 24”-27” long) taking up about 1 sq foot of space total ( size of 5 gallon bucket). I can fit a total of 30 buckets in my space so I’m looking to place as many as possible. ( space is 7.5’x5’x6.3’). Airflow is powered by a gymnasium intake fan that outputs 1076 cu.ft/m 4 hampster fans connected in series about 42” long.

If I’m hearing this correctly, you DONT. I’m doing my first dwc run and 40 days into it I went from an 8 gallon to 18 because it was about to get real my lady is 27 inches wide. Imagine tryna have 3 in a 5 gallon. That’s not sustainable just from a water standpoint. Youd be literally standing there with a hose. @Mark0427 is spot on. You’re better off running one plant and getting it bigger. Low key, I wouldn’t even grow 2 plants in 18 gallons now that I’ve seen how this works unless it was a veg tote.

The dwc side of it is 3” deep with a fogponics tote setup blowing through a 1-1/2” tube to root system. I’ve broken down room for scrubbing and cleaning before next run ( reasoning behind post). When I have it setup back up in a few days I will send pictures to show setup properly.

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Last pic of my Hindu Kush, 3 - 31/2 weeks ago. Trying to prove I’m not bsing


Im not saying ur bsing. Just after seeing how mine fill a bucket from one plant its hard to grasp a hold of. Just dont seem like it would work well but i could b wrong. Bout to change over my bucket later or tomorrow depenfing on time ill get pics of the roots verses the pla t amd ull see why i am saying what im saying. The roots equal more than the plant does i think lol. The plant was stunted a bit because of eater temls beimg directly over a heater veny not thinking about heat kincking on and warminv the bucket but ull see ftom the roots on mine why i ask

It’s not so much of a bs thing, more so a question of what’s easier and what will produce better results with less hassle. It looks like u grew it well. What was the final yield? I would compare the yield of all these plants u run in one bucket to one plant and see what u like best. Yes we get many strains this way but if I run 3 plants and get 3 zips why not run one and get 3.5 for example feel me? What you’re doing is kinda like trying to run SOG in DWC. Not impossible all I’m saying is I’d use more than a 5 gal tote is all. Maybe 3 plants in a 17 gallon? 10 gal? That way theres not so much competition.

It sounds exactly like your doing a kind of clone table like @Bogleg would do except he used an ebb and flow table to hold his clones and was able to fill a tent evenly. Instead your using 5gal buckets with several clones in each bucket. . Does that sound right?
If that’s the style you want to go, I would look him up.
I would have to refer you to @Myfriendis410 or @dbrn32 might can give you Idea how many clones per square ft. While also using your method of a 5 gal bucket.
Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Here’s what I’m running:

Ebb and Flow waterfall with Jack’s 3-2-1. Plants are Brother’s Grimm Durban Thai/Cindy 99 clones.

How densely you space your plants is really dependent on how large you want the plants. These were rooted for 2 weeks at 18/6 under a QB 135 B-Spec then put under 12/12 with my flowering lights (diy 3,000K strips). Trying to tune my grow space to the new home and altitude.


You are fine, some just get tunnel vision and don’t see the many different ways growers can be successful.

I think increasing your plant count doesn’t automatically guarantee you will increase harvest weight. If you have dead space in your canopy the way you are currently growing, additional plants could fill that and would probably lead to more weight. Otherwise a full canopy should produce similar amounts regardless of being 1 large plant or several small plants, provided everything else about grow is the same anyway.