How long do seeds last?

Just wondering, how long seeds will last, I mean, I have twenty white widow right now, and will start growing some of them soon once I get lights especially, medical marijuana card, and soil, but I was thinking that maybe I would save half of the seeds and order one other style to start growing on the grow following the first. Maybe if I keep them in a small zip lock bag in a cool dry place they can last for a year, maybe more. Maybe it is all about risk the longer a person waits. Considering I am nearly a rookie at growing marijuana itself apart from regular gardening over the years, I suppose I feel confident once I start getting going.

Im not experienced enough in recent decades to know the different styles, taste, etc, probably should just stick with the one style, considering I may or may not try smoking some, technically I am gearing towards edibles for pain relief. But I wouldn’t mind have a little of something for special occasions if I have company, etc, …here in Oregon, when eventually smoking weed for pain and recreation will hopefully be as common going to the store and buying alcohol, sharing a beer with a friend at home, etc, which is why I might need to grow like two plants of various styles for different occasions, I mean, not everyone needs a mellow pain relief like I do, all the time.

I’ve successfully germinated seeds I kept in a film canister in a drawer in the bedroom for almost a year.

Now, about different strains. Two types of effects. One is a mellow, relaxing, let’s not get off the couch feeling. That’s indica. The other is an energetic, let’s get moving feeling. That’s Sativa.

Now they some differences in growing also. Indica dominant strains are more likely to be short and bushy. Sativa dominant strains are more likely to be tall and lanky.

There’s also a big variation in flowering time for different strains.

If I were only to grow two plants, I would have one of each. I would start the shorter plant three or four weeks before the taller plant. I would start them flowering at the same time.

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If stored properly seeds should be good for at least up to a year. I’ve heard of many people storing exactly as Oldgoat stated, kept in a film canister in a bedroom drawer, for up to 5 years, maybe even as long as a decade and in rare cases even much longer and still had many of the seeds germinate.


Welcome to our community. We love to help people here @ ILGM :slight_smile: and 12 Sativa can lead to issues you do not need to deal with. Both different ppheno’s grow at a different rate. PAIN

I see you got good answers for storing your seeds. The longer you store them, the longer they may take to germinate. Seeds will germinate after becoming dormant, but it takes longer.

I recommend you stay with 1 strain and master that plant. This will allow you to improve upon this 1st strain over 2-3-4 grows. Each time you grow a strain you should have less issues than the last due to trial and error; Thus you will get better results each time. Using 2 different strains, especially 1 Indica,
and 1 Sativa that grow at different heights and vibrance will cause you issues. White Widow is perfect for you in the coming year, or so. Peace, lw :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess I will stick with white widow while I gain more experience, that is the best advice I am gathering, that way I will know what I did if something goes bad.

And thanks for the advices on how long seeds can last, that is interesting, seems the concensus is that most folks never go more than a year without needing their seeds, I probably won’t either now.

Speaking of an update, I received confirmation that my veterans administration records have been pre approved for medical marijuana useage, in Oregon, I am bout a week away from getting my approval doctors appointment and then paperwork submission, I mean, I would say “aint America great”, but unfortunately its like “aint Oregon great” cause only a few states with recreational legalized by voters like me who voted yes, and I voted for medical marijuana in 1998. Of course, getting my records from the VA, that proved a problem. Hopefully, when they accused me of having ptsd just cause I served in a war zone, of which I refute, maybe it will be on my records, haha, and I can use it to never have to prove I receive treatment for my injuries further, like continued pain treatment. Speaking of wars and war zones, when we soldiers arrived in a gulf port in 1990, I went to a “smoke shack” selling smokes to the foreign dock workers, and I bought what was called “beedies” that looked like rolled up tobacco leaves, but upon smoking it, I got high, and I let on to my fellow soldiers, and we all got high, and high as a kite, in a war zone, till someone in charge, errrr, still very sketchy, came by, like an officer, and noticed we were all high off our gords, and put a stop to it, the “smoke shack” was off limits! That was the highest I ever been, I’m pretty sure there was cannabis in there, strange, considering those type nations don’t allow alcohol, but of course, it was for “foreign workers”.

So as far as seed banks go… is there a time of year when they need to get rid of an over-stock… when both parties know there might be a lower germination rate… and the price might be less…?

Bottom line- the more I grow, the more stuff I can buy from a seed bank.

Like we (Alaska) can have 6 (might be 12 soon) plants… we can’t sell it, but a $50.00 seminar with a door prize might be a way around that… and what would I talk about…?

Even giving away a small stater plant having a sticker with your web site on it- more business for you could mean better deals for us…? I would be willing to risk it.

Wow, they are actually thinking bout 12 matured plants for recreational in Alaska? I was surprised to hear that not only did Alaska ratify their legalization sooner than Oregon, but more recreational plants, I mean, six plants if medical marijuana amounts in Oregon, and 18 under a foot tall seedlings/plants. Are they allowing retail sales of marijuana products yet? Or are they dragging that out till later like in Oregon? Personally, I told a friend that I am legally covered right now if I went out on the town somewhere to buy some weed, for my darned pain I have right now, but I am the only person I know who doesn’t know how to score some weed, until my official card comes. Maybe there will be commercial sales of weed from other states in stores or dispensaries, like “100% pure Alaskan, grown in the northern most state, etc etc”, ya know, like coffee from Hawaii known as Kona. Oh yeah, 100% pure Alaskan someday.

Here’s a post I put in the on-line paper where I am.

Alaska’s #1 Cash crop now legit… but lawmakers work to insure state never see any of their profits transferred to the people, while continuing to keep it out of the hands of the sick & dying… telling them, “just stick with medical booze…, if you know what’s good for you”.

They cut way back on how much you can fish here- the oil in the pipeline is way low- they said ok to medical marijuana a long time ago, but never made any kind of way to get it.

I think if enough people started to grow. they might think about the revenue they are missing-out on by not going all the way legit, and quit stalling retail.

I should place another order here… my first order was with, like the 2nd seed bank I looked at (not feeling as good about that one even showing-up as I am here)… I guess if I end-up with too many plants, I can put some up for adoption (along with this site for care and instructions).

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Hey man, you probably don’t even need to get your OMMP card, unless you plan on starting your grow but June (Or July) 1st, can’t remember it right now but it’s going to be legal soon.

Nevermind I should have read the rest of the posts, my bad.

It kind of sucks that in OR you can grow it at home soon IMO…I don’t know if this is like a taboo in the weed community but I was going to try and make some money off my plants, mainly to go back into them, but once it gets easy to get I am sure the price will drop. Good news for the seed banks though.

Hey IceSphere I might be interested if you’re wanting to sell some overstock seed that might not be good. I really can’t afford seeds from most of the seed banks until after I get my plants going but I would really like to get a different strain going.

I still have six white widow seeds in reserve, saving “just in case”, considering all the things I have done wrong, even screwing up clones. What I need to do is dig out a plastic 35mm film storage canister, the black type, if I still have some around, that would make a great storage place for seed, meaning no light can reach them in something like that. I still have alive seven seed started white widow plants left alive, five that are 2.5 months old, and two that are almost two months old, all temporarily damaged through various mistakes, and all stunted in growth height for one reason or another, but hanging on so far, maybe about a dozen clones that will survive from those plants, and time to make some more clones already, . I figure I maybe want to hold onto those seeds in storage for indeed about a year, unless I make a catastrophic mistake and wipe everything out, I have discovered it is easy to almost accomplish, the wiping out part. I’m lucky I have anything.