How important is the dark period

How important is the dark period , the 6 hours the lights are off ? The room I use my tent in is a pantry room and the lights are always being turned on to get something. The only light leeks are the lower vents on each end of the tent. I have everything on a timer 18/6 and I can’t be home to close the vents everyday. I have to leave the vents open because I need all the ventilation I can get. Tent is a small 2’x3’x5’.

The dark period during flower is more important to not interrupt. When you are usually giving it 12 hours of darkness, or a bit more than 10 hours of darkness will get most strains to flower. This dark period, it is absolutely important this does not get interrupted, it could prevent flowering entirely and could contribute to hermaphrodite flowers and numerous other undesired problems.

Interrupting the 6 hours of darkness during veg is not as important, but it still could potentially cause some problems with hormones and could possibly change the outcome of your seed’s gender, making hermaphrodites and males more likely.

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If your plants do not get proper rest; They will get stressed.

Think of it in human terms. How would you fell if you could only sleep 6 hours a day, and every hour or 2, or 23…Someone wakes you up. :slight_smile:

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Can the dark time more than 12 hours?

Yes, some people use 13-14 hours of darkness during flower.

Dropping the photo period to 10/14 is used to force a plant to finish faster. This is great if you are going into cold weather, or need the grow out of the room.

Keep in mind that yield will suffer, just a bit using this method, but if you need to finish the grow; This works. :slight_smile:

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My timer did not turn off the light and ran for three hours more in flowering?

My timer did not turn off the lights and ran for 3 hours longer. What do I do to get back into flowering?

Fix the timer and get plants back on schedule soon as possible

Curious. What would happen if I’m close to harvest, turned lights off for the final 24-48hr dark day period, then turned lights back of for 8-10 hours per day for a couple more days? Would she trigger back to veg or would it help speed up flower/generate growth at end of harvest ? Probably should of asked first but I already put plant into 36hrs of dark, then turned lights on for 8 more hours. If I made a mistake, Should I hurry up and harvest? Put back in dark for another day??

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Doing that might stress the plant and cause it to herm. It will also cue the plant to begin reveg.
But… if it’s 2 days before harvest, I’m not too sure what damage would actually occur in that short a time period. Perhaps cessation Of resin production, or a drop in thc levels.