How does she look so far?

This is my current grow, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme at 30 days from seed.

I’m using ILGM GSCE autoflower seeds. The soil is Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Organic with Black Gold perlite. I have not added any fertilizers, plant food or nutrients. So I would like the forum to check out my pics and let me know what you all think.


Looking good.

It’s time to start monitoring runoff PPM to determine when to start feeding. Runoff pH should also be monitored after you start feeding.


good job!! she looks healthy and happy


Looking good, that’s a nice vigorous plant and good shape. I have one question for you. How’s your tap PH? That’s a fresh soil blend so it should be loaded for those plants. I would not add anything so early, but those lower leaves have a slight yellowing or light greening.

I would just make sure my water PH was in range because it could cause that. It could very well be the plant pheno just has that look. But if it were me I would listen to my gut and make sure I am not watering too high ph. If you are on it and know you are in ph range then do nothing and see how she grows. It’s just so easy to check and makes a huge difference if it’s off. You will think you need to feed, yet all you needed to do is adjust the ph.


Thanks for your response. I’m using distilled water and haven’t done any ph testing. Can you give me an idea of how close or far she is from the flowering stage. Thanks again


Most autos will flower at btw 4 and 7 weeks, though some stubborn plants can take longer.


She looks great! I think you can help her out a bit with some basic leaf tucking. Those branches that are under the big fan leaves are growing a bit slower due to being shaded.

You don’t need to remove any big fan leaves, but you can certainly tuck some. If you want to try it, gently hold a lower branch and move it slightly to left, and then take the big fan leaf above it and push it slightly down and to the right. You should be able to make it stay at least temporarily by positioning it between other growth. Do this for a few of the lower branches, and you’ll see them start to grow faster. Once they put a few inches on, they’ll be out of the light trap and your work in that area is done.

I put blue dots on a few of the places you could start. Once you get them better light, they can almost keep up with the main cola sometimes and give you a close to even canopy without putting any real stress on her.


Thanks you everyone. having reread this post I got me some questions. I have been using the finger in the dirt rule to see if I need water. when I do water I just fill the top rim of the pot with water and just let it soak in. I don’t and haven’t had any runoff. How do I check the ph and ppm without it. When the time comes for nutrients and such is it better to apply as a mist. Hand sprayed once or twice a day. or add to and given when watering.

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Don’t spray a plant with anything unless absolutely necessary to treat bugs or mold. It invites more problems than it solves.

Use a fertilizer product designed for cannabis as it has unique needs relative to other plants. Jacks 321 + unscented Epsom salt for magnesium. Inexpensive, easy to use, and very effective.

Your plant is mature enough to water to runoff. Check the PPM and pH of your runoff water.


As obvious as it sounds, what is, how to water until runoff.

Pour water in slowly until water starts running out the bottom of the pot. Wait for the soil to dry out before watering or feeding again.