Girl Scout Cookie autoflowers - Is this first of flowering or last of veg state?

Hi Folks, I didn’t see a quite germane post already. I have five week old Girl Scout Cookie autoflowers from ILGM seeds. See pic. Does what you, the hive mind, see lead you to think I’m ready to adjust light and nutrients for the flowering stage. I have 16 hours on and they are autoflowering but I want to up the red and UV percentage at the right time and I’d like a week to two to flush the Superponics tank of nutrients before harvest. I got taken by surprise with some Wedding Cake that autoflowered in a month in a prior grow.


Flowering begins when pistils first appear at the tips of the plant. Autos generally start flowering some time between 4 and 7 weeks.

Can you post a more close up picture of the tips on that plant (a side view of the tops)?

Congrats! Your girl is a woman! Beginning of flower. Those curly leaves at the top are being replaced with white hairs. May need a little defoliation pretty soon to get some better air flow and light penetration. Not required. Lookin nice! Good luck and happy growing!

Did a relook…
@MidwestGuy is probably, most likely, pretty surely, right. Zoomed in and it looks like those aren’t quite white hairs yet. But you’re very close.

You’re officially in flower

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If the 2nd pic, is just a different angle of the first pic, then you are already ~1 week to 10 days into flower.

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Looks like they are stretching and setting some flowers.
If your using extra red them I’d suggest they get the red the first 30 minutes in the morning and the last 30 minutes in the evening.
For UV use that throughout the daylight hours.

Looking good to me!!!

No doubt about it. Well into flower. Lower right of 2nd picture can see hairs going down the stem - already building.
A month into the grow is not atypical for an autoflower to start flowering. If you want control of flower time, grow photoperiods. You will be glad you did.

Thanks for the confirmation and suggestions. As I suspected you all are the best.

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You want to do some defoliation on her have done any training on her

Thanks. Did some trimming and just tucking branches under the two trellis nets.

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Thats better it will look better in a few days