How do you pH your soil

How do you pH your soil? A few grows now and feeding at 6.5 - 6.8 with nutrients, 7ish with plain distilled water. Runoff has always been 5.7- 5.9 on each grow.
Current grow…
Dirty Dozen plus cal-mag
Started in happy frog
Transplanted to ocean forest 1 gallon
Transplanted to ocean forest 5 gallon a week ago
Feeding with cal-mag only at the moment 6.5-6.8… transplanted, 5 gallon pot, a few weeks of nutrients in the soil.

I had to start adding 1-1.5 table spoon of garden lime to 5gallon pots of FFOF to get my run off to 6.4-6.6

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Generally I just add pH up or down to my feed water (after all nutrients are well mixed but before adding microbes)- for soil I aim for 6.5 ph. For coco and hydro I aim for 5.8.

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Using FFOS was easier than mixing and trying to balance soil before or after.
My cheap soil probe says 6-7 in the happy soils and 5 in the not happy, after a missed guess on PH.
Lost six plants with that bungled watering (grabbed wrong jug).
PPM are the next variable for targeting and mastering. Have decided to pre-mix (water, feed. additives) Currently i am using 5-gal bucket, filled with 4-gallons of to be conditioned feeding water.
Nutrient feeding mixed separately, before combining into big mixed-brew.
Balancing collectively could be more efficient.

im a new grower, got a few seasons under my belt.

but i was having the exact issue with happy frog. soil run off PH was always in the 5’s…and causing issues.

i never got it corrected before harvest

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