New indoor grower needing help

Can someone please let me know what the ph reading should be on the run off?

Are you growing in soil or coco? Usually around 6-6.8 depending on what media your using.

I’m using fox farm soil

Mine is reading 5.8

5.8 is fine. I figure anything around 6.0 give or take.

Honestly 6.e to 6.5 is a sweet spot for ffof. I run mine at 6.3 to 6.5 always. Unless i have a super high runoff reading

I like to move my ph up and down as the grow progresses. I think it gives all the micronutrients a better chance at up take. I use the attached chart as my reference. Nutrient_Chart2

have you ever heard of using grass clippings to help with your plants

Nope, how do you use grass clippings?

Man that’s low for soil 6-7 min on soil and I think 5.5-6 hydro/coco not 100% on the hydro waiting for my harvest then trying out a 4 bucket root spa system