Run off check of nuts

4 weeks into grow, pH 6.1, medium ffof, ppm nuts this hi.

He need help in ppm
@Covertgrower @2GreenThumbs @Budz

I just can tell you get you ph up

Btw 6.4 to 6.5 in you soil

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What should it be

In you soil the perfect pH is 6.5 is like neutral pH with all you plant need about the ppm I can’t talk you cuz Im in otherway that be checking ppm on my feed times

Are you discarding the first bit of runoff? 6.1 is fine for pH. I do 6.2 in happy frog. My last burns ppm was over 5000 with a 5.5ph on the first check, then I changed trays and collected more runoff for a more accurate reading, was still stupid high. But not as bad as initially thought. Check again. For an idea, hhof takes about 6 weeks to drop to 800 or less ppm from others experience. That’s when they begin feeding.

Are you seeing a problem with the plant?

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I will post pic

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She look healthy don’t worry

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And when you look at this photo, does something look wrong?

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Not to me I guess how about u

That plant looks healthy enough to me. Let’s rewind. You measured your runoff, and that gave you cause for concern. Nothing good comes from that information (pH, PPM) in the absence of a cause for concern. And even then, those numbers are just a part of the picture.

You’re in soil. The best advice I can offer you is buy some microbiology supplements like Recharge or Mykos, and use those. Just like the bacteria in your mouth dissolve teeth, the microbes in the soil can dissolve the minerals in the soil and literally deliver them to the root system. It’s a cooperative relationship that we can exploit if we stay out of the way.


While I’ve heard that advice before, usually people are referring to the input pH of the water, not test results from runoff. My tap water is pH neutral. I let it sit so the chlorine gasses off (24hrs) and then use it. If’s fine. Soil has an enormous buffering capacity, which means that it’s resistant to change in pH.

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@KeystoneCops is like “20” different methods to water you plant, some ppl air pump they water ph then feed the plant other let sit to the chlorine Is under and feed the plant, I just said a Soon you feed you plant with correct pH is all good and I see a advised for ff soil family that you perfect pH for you water is 6.5 o 6.4

I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.


So you can understand me

I think you’re misunderstanding what I was saying. The pH of your water input is almost irrelevant because of the buffering capacity of the soil. You can water with 7.5 pH water and it will never change the pH of an acidic soil in the course of multiple grows.

Furthermore, the OP was measuring the outflow. Either you missed that, or were talking about the outflow. And what I was saying is that when people talk about pH of water in soil, they’re talking about the water inflow. Ignoring that the inflow pH isn’t very important, you don’t adjust your inflow pH based on outflow pH.

If you keep your microbes alive and occasionally recharge/keep them alive. Add compost teas or molasses or as mentioned. Micco/great white/recharge. More bacteria/microbes/fungus. You create what is a living soil that requires little maintenance and basic tap water/rain/water. As long as the water isn’t full of chlorine/chloramine or crazy levels of other contaminants that would prove detrimental to the organisms living in the soil. No pH adjustment is required. The soil will take care of the pH itself. To put it in way more words.

Yeah that’s high are you using supersoil?