How do you guys run your oscillating fans during seedling stage?

Hey guys, I have two female White Widow seedling about five days old. The last two days when I first check in the AM, one of them is blown over. I have my fan on low and have been watering using a spray bottle. The only thing I can think of is the fan is too much. Even blowing indirectly at a wall on low. I stuck a bamboo stick in the ground yesterday and she recovered fine. Did the same this morning just curious if y’all run oscillating 24/7 during seedling?

I don’t use a fan until they reach growth stage. I prefer using a humidity dome the first week to ten days anyway so a fan would be counter productive.

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During the seedling stage you should have them covered with a humidity dome to maximize humidity. No air movement needed or possible while you are doing that. A popular way of doing humidity domes is with 2 liter soda pop bottles cut in half. Here is an example:

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I don’t dome or use a humidifier. I use a fan after they sprouted. I create a gentle breeze over the girls. It sounds like you are blowing it through them and it’s to much. I run mine 24/7.

I’ve cut the fan off for now. They’re only five days old. I’ll let them get a little older then cut it back on. Don’t wanna keep stressing them too much.