How do I know when to stop giving my plants chemicals before I harvest them

How do I know when to stop giving my plants chemicals before I harvest them. I know about 10-14 days before… i stop giving them nutes… but for example. My plant is only like 5 weeks and I swear I see some amber already. But mabye it’s just the reflection of the light or orange hairs haha :rofl::rofl: please help .
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You should be looking at trichomes on flower and not on sugar leaves. The trichs on sugar leaves go amber more quickly than those on flower.

Some growers feed nutes up to the date of harvest, some growers do a one-and-done flush a few days before harvest, and others stop feeding a week to 10 days before harvest.


Absolutely right.

Yep, it is grower’s choice and preference.


Certainty not yet. :wink:

Pretty plants but you’ll likely be feeding for at least 3 more weeks.


Thanks every1. Ahh that makes sense. Ya I got some pics of the bud itself but kinda blurry so that’s why I didnt post them… aight fursure… yeah I wasn’t going to stop the nutes for atleast 2 or 3 weeks… I was just asking yall advice. I grew before. Just never with nutes…

But Here are some more pictures…
Thanks yall!!


They look amazing. I’m sure the fellas up top helped ya out. But it’s all up to you the more the amber trichomes the more couch lock high they say

yeah… here is a picture of my set up inside & outside. thanks again. :star_struck:

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Pretty plants, and great setup!