I need some help haven't grown since the 70's

I am wondering about harvesting do you wait for amber trichromes to start appearing before flushing then 2 days of darkness? I am growing DWC Hydroponics i figure i may do a partial havest on 2 main buds. I pinched top bud at 2 weeks. I have a few pics of my grow. One is 11 weeks other 3 are 7 weeks


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Me as well until I started growing again indoors 4 years ago.

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Harvest timing i subjective. I’ll post a chart below.

Time from seed isn’t really relevant. How many weeks has your plant been flowering? Most strains are ready to harvest at 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering.

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Yeah thank you i seen this chart before. I just wondered about is this when i flush for 5 days if hydroponic then 2 days of darkness i started my flush today.

Hey I had not thought about flushing. I am running hydro this grow. Do I need to plan for that?

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You want nearly all the white hairs to turn brown and recede back into the calyx’s then start checking trichomes for cloudy to amber. 48 hours of darkness before chopping is bro science. It accomplishes nothing. In nature nothing like that happens. People that grow outdoors dont do that. There’s no way to prove that it does anything. Some people use straight water for a week or so before harvesting. The only provable benefit is saving $ on nutrients. Still a lot of people do that.

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Harvesting in the morning or at lights on seems to be the standard. Lights out for more than a typical “night” doesn’t do anything.

Flushing isn’t needed unless you are reallllllyyyy pack’n the feed to them.

The info above came from Dr. Bruce Bugbee.

I harvest some for the ole lady early, as soon as it starts showing some amber. For mine I wait as long as I can, 30% amber or more is my preference.

I have no science behind it, I’ve just found it easier for me to defoliate all the fan leaves right when I expect to harvest. For example, I find the amber I want, and plan to harvest Wednesday night at 8pm (lights on) Tuesday morn I take them all to colas or just buds. They still have all the leaves stick’n out of the buds, just not the big ole fans. If the bud is especially fat, I may cut the tips of the leaves sticking out of the buds just to help it dry easier. I’ve also found it to be a LOT easier for me to loose trim / defoliate while still planted, they hold themselves while I work.

I skip the last two feedings before lights out. (coco coir)

These things I do aren’t to “up” quality, it’s to help the drying process go smoothly without mold or rot. I try to leave enough stem and bud leaves to slow the drying process but not so much it creates moisture issues.

I don’t know if it helps or hurts quality, I’ve harvested different ways and can’t tell a difference in the smoke, just in how easy the process is.

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I flushed them and did 2 days of darkness. The top half of plant was ready but not bottom. So i cut the tops off. I put them in a box gotta cut holes in it for filter and get a small fan. My basement stays 65-70 degrees with 55-63 humidity.