How do I know when to Harvest?

Hi! A first timer here and I really don’t know anything!

I haven’t given them anything but water for 9 days. They are White Widow, started from seed 8.1.19. All indoor. Not sure of water pH level. I don’t have anything to magnify the plant. How can I tell based on the…pistons - Is that what they are called - color?


You still have time based on the appearance and color. Likely more than a month. There is a LOT of bud swell ahead and I recommend you resume feeding flowering nutes. If you are not PH’ing your nutrient solution you are slowing down your plant. It’s a small investment and more than worth it at the back end. While you are at it buy a loupe: they are like $8 on Amazon.


Yeah, I need to get a water tester. We are using pretreated well water right now. Food is Big Bloom, 2 tsp/gal. Do more of them need to turn amber?

Your plant is actively flowering now with mostly white pistils. As the plant matures it will bulk up (assuming a good source of P and K) and the last two weeks will show amazing growth in flower. The plant itself is redirecting it’s energies into producing more flower so it’s immune system becomes compromised the older it gets. Amber pistils are no indication of harvest. We look at the trichomes which can only be seen under a microscope. Here’s a couple of examples:

These trichomes are currently clear and need more time.

Ready for harvest

That’s a mature flower


Gotcha…that really helps! Thank you!!

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She looks real good! Definitely agree with Myfriendis410 on timeline. But she is going to need more than big bloom. Big bloom is like a snack. She’s gonna need a meal. Do you have any tiger bloom?


Yeah, you’re right Tiger Bloom. That’s what I’m using. I’m using big bloom on the clones. Tiger Bloom 2 tsp/gal. It was every other watering until the pistols started to turn


I use ff nutes also… guys already told ya she still got a while to go. Congrats getting her this far she looks delicious… nice job


@Myfriendis410 1st time grower also. my baby is in flower. WW auto. thanks for posting pictures of what to look for when she’s ready to harvest. thanks brotha! peace :+1: :v: :ok_hand: :stuck_out_tongue:


@Newbie420 nice grow man. following ur thread peace :+1: :v: :ok_hand: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I’m mitchy and my wild seed grow is going amazing thanks to ILGM
I’m getting close to my pre-harvest prepping.
I’ve read somewhere about trimming the fan leaves a couple weeks prior to harvest and something about using ice water in the last couple feedings (one before the 48 he’s of dark, and another the day of move?)
The ice bath is supposed to increase THC levels
Is any of this info legit?
Check out my grow and get back to me, please.
And once again, thanks

Doing a defoliation ahead of harvest is only to make things easier on actual harvest day. Ice water baths and darkness before harvest do absolutely nothing to increase THC levels.

Pictures are a month old: how about something more recent…

These were taken yesterday

[Uploading: IMG_20220322_044821753_HDR.jpg…](
I’ve kept a grow journal, if you find it it shows from sprout til now basically
Like all newbies I had my problems, mostly self created.
I tried last, but my ties were digging into the plants so I untied them…yeah, near disaster.
I retied #4 and crammed #2 in a tomato cone.
Both are doing well now, just differently.
Once my lights come back on I’ll get fresh pics