Help with determining harvest time

Need help: First time
Grow. White widow. Thought they were autos but found out after three months they were not. They vegged long. I am
guessing these have flowered 5/6/7 weeks. Do they look ready??? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum. Looking at the pistils you have a few weeks to go. You want the pistils change color. The best way to determine if they are ready is to get a jewelers loop and inspect the trichomes. You want the trichomes to be cloudy with some amber when you harvest. In the next few weeks your buds will really start to fill out and add weight.


I’d say around three weeks. This was my white widow with 3 1/2 weeks to go.

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Hopefully the plants will stay healthy. Leaves yellowing quickly but sugar leaves still green.

I’d agree with everyone above. Definitely a few weeks but at the same time it depends what you like. Personally my first couple crops I prolly had too much Amber for my personal preference. Get a jewelers loop or handheld scope and check the trichs out. If you’re going to flush account for that as well as they will continue to turn even as you starve the plant. Looking great tho :+1:

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Thanks for all feedback. You guys think I should still be feeding nutes at this stage?? Alot of thinning and yellowing happening

yes you want to feed nutes, its too early for fast yellowing. Phosphor is especially important now. Dont overfeed though. Use common sense, watch the plant, maybe water with tab water every second time or so.

personally I am not a big fan of flushing I am not even sure it makes any sense, scientifically. I flush the pot once, let it dry completely and chop the plant. It doesnt need more than three days. The ash burns all white, no nutrient/chemical taste. I use Hesi nutrients they are kind of organic so maybe its because of that. Good luck, chill

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